Glass adult toys for sale [sample photo added]


Since everyone seems to be getting ■■■■■■ by scammers I thought this would be the opportune time to introduce my new line of products.
Introducing the GAW branded glass dildos bought to you by all the scams from 2014 and 2015 in crypto.
Buy buying one of these at least you will know who you are being ■■■■■■ by.
Just send me $19.99 (BTC only accepted as you can’t charge that shite back) and I will send you one original GAW branded GAW glass dildos. And the best thing is when you switch this on you only have to add an ethernet cable and you will be able to mine lite coin.

I can also do special limited orders of LTCG, Hashie and Scrypt CC but these will cost $29.99

Send your BTC to 1462DrMerhMHg7abhjA8uQHMvyGuLnDsb2 and PM me with your TXD and I will get one out to you immediately, discretion is assured

EDIT if a mod thinks it is to soon please feel free to delete the thread

SCAM - - No Payments since Dec 2014

Total scam

no pictures or proof of glass dildos ( a single dildo is a bad and filtered but many Dildos is ok? WTF!!!)

where is the certificate of authenticity that this is an original GAW glass ■■■■■?


Dude I know some glass workers if you wanna make this real LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


How dare you ask me for proof this is crypto just pay me the money already!


Funny story is when trying to find a retail storefront space years ago the first place I almost signed on fell apart in negotiations because the owner was convinced we were going to sell adult toys in the basement…

It was the perfect space, but the landlord was a bit of a wackjob (no pun intended with what a former tenanted may or may not have been doing in the basement of said building… :smile:)


We had something similar happen The freak show thought we wanted the space for a pot operation. We needed it for a mining operation because is was fantastic electrically,
We jokingly told them we promised to only grow small amounts of pot in the basement. After finally signing the lease the land lord showed up the day we installed the miners and kept saying is that a grow light? What is that? I had to put up with his 5hit for 6 months and then we just bought the entire building and the day I signed the papers I told him if he ever showed his face around my pot operation again I would shoot him and his dog. lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dang I came here hoping for a bigger selection >_<


I was asked for proof so here it is now send me money 1462DrMerhMHg7abhjA8uQHMvyGuLnDsb2 first 10 orders now at a discount only .08 BTC

EDIT: Disclaimer, the finished product may or may not look like the picture depicted, in fact it may be plastic and not work but don’t worry this is crypto and I promise that I will not rip you off.


@bubbamark, you forgot the “pre-owned” “looking for new management” part. :smile:


Question - does these dildoes allow you to insert them but have a feature that keeps you from being able to withdraw them?


Only on the days when you don’t know who is managing the platform or someone has hacked the software for your dild0


Dang I came here hoping for a bigger selection >_<

Me too!!


I will develop more products at a later date but I need people to buy the Gen A product first


Humm… How exactly does that version work?


Sorry we don’t do instructions we just sell the product, i am sure the other forums might be able to tell you how this works


Comes with a crash helmet and a seatbelt so you don’t fall off. Also has a little button you press to increase the speed