Graphic Designer Will Work For Coin


Hello everyone! I am not only a crypto enthusiast but a graphic designer as well. If there’s anyone who needs any design work done and is in need of someone who is capable of taking your idea and expounding upon that idea visually; I am the one you’ve been looking for.

I have a good working knowledge of concept design and will work with you to bring your thought to life. If you’d like to check out some of my work then feel free to visit my website at

I also have some experience in video editing if you need that type of work done as well.

I will also work for trade. Mining equipment, trading bot software, etc.

AS OF 2/25/2015…

I have done designing of asset logos currently for Crypto Giver, Crypto Giver Coin Of Shame, Gotram, and Crypto Stake Coin

I am also currently working on designing the Crypto Stake Coin website

What to mine with Gridseed Orbs?

I publish a web site every once in a while & I’ll definitely keep you in mind for the future!


Excellent! Look forward to maybe working with you at some point soon :slight_smile: