Haasbot, my dealings with


I apologize in advance if this needs to be merged with the ongoing haas thread but this is something that everyone needs to know.

I will try and be as succinct as I can.
Bittrex made some changes to their api not long ago that threw the quatloo trader bot into a tailspin of sorts. I went looking for other bots for ARBX to use until such time as the problems are fixed with the quatloo trader bot, I decided to throw the 0.22btc at the beginner trial of haas bot because arbitrage is a mentioned feature several places on the main site. Here is where it gets fun, after a few minutes of trying to setup the bot to “arbitrage” I go looking for a little help from their site, the bot is a disaster when it comes to the GUI. Turns out that what they are basing their arbitrage “feature” on is a technique of currency conversion to take advantage of pricing differences, while it is a form of arbitrage it irritates me to no end that they didn’t make this clear on their site, they didn’t have a * with a notation saying that there are several forms, etc. I had to look through the wiki page to find this info.

I emailed their support within an hour of paying for an installing the bot asking for a refund, the responses I have been getting are insane to say the least. Not only did I get my refund request refused, he had the gall to attempt to sell me on keeping the bot and using a trading technique based on RSI indicators. I have been emailing back and forth with their “developer” and if/when the need arises I will share the email exchange publicly.

So why I am writing this? While the 0.22btc is not exactly small potatoes, it won’t bankrupt me nor ARBX to have lost those funds. I am spreading the word on this for a couple of reasons, main reason is they pissed me the F off by refusing the refund based on the fact that I could trade with huobi and okcoin and that they are basing their engine off something they read on bloomberg. This is outrageous and while I may not be able to be satisfied with them going out of business, I can at least spread the word on the insanity and keep others from wasting money with them.

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There are opportunities out there trading between coins on one exchange. I did been doing some trading between BTC LTC and a third coin (I can’t even remember which one) but it was really profitable. Maybe you should try it out.


I might try it, and would likely have given it a shot if they had taken a different tact with their response to me.

This is not about the different types of arbitrage, its about how they interact with customers. Its also about their complete and utter lack of understanding with financial markets, it shows ignorance when they say that what I want is not arbitrage and that its not possible due security concerns when I am using the qtl bot.

If they refuse to honor my refund, I just may attempt to get it setup to “arbitrage” through some different coins and attempt to make a profit for the 3 months I have already paid for, unless someone wants to buy my license from me.