Happy 4th of July!



At top: Gooey, sweet macaroni salad from the supermarket. I’m the only one here that likes it, but I admit to marrying up.

Moving clockwise: The Mrs’ potato salad. Taters, egg, mayo, bit of onion, dash of paprika.

The main event: Bacon-wrapped hot dogs (AKA street dogs), Charcoal grilled, of course. Relish, cheap yellow mustard, ketchup, mayo, onions, jalapeños.


you had me at


I’d have shared that with you. I love that stuff. :smiley:

Hope everyone had a happy 4th, and wakes up this morning with most of the fingers and toes they started with. :us:




paella that’s good stuff had it for the first time last year and the sauce that goes with it is effing awesome


I love it! Great taste, filling and healthy. What else do you want from food?

The autonomous region of Murcia is famous for their paella :slight_smile:


So, a little light teasing aside, I figured I’d leave the colonists to celebrate yesterday, but today I have a question I’d like to ask you, with the utmost sincerity.

You have a great constitution which out lines both your rights & responsibilities as citizens. So why, in one of the most heavily armed countries in the world are you so servile & obedient to your masters?

No insult intended, I’m genuinely curious. You have clearly written rights & responsibilities yet you, as a nation of people, continue to support murderous despots instead of removing them & reforming the way you are governed?

Don’t try throwing that back at me either, we’ve been this way since the Romans destroyed our ancestral swords & torcs.

Are you a similarly broken people?


Perhaps so. Unfortunately, I think there’s a large percentage of people here willing to trade the illusion of safety and security for their liberty.

The whole taking up arms bit? The last time Americans fought Americans, 600,000 people died. That option has to be very last on the list after everything else has been exhausted.


The masters are smart and have learned their lesson from the first revolution. so they “govern” with a light hand. Never going to far, changing the argument at will and giving the mob someone else to blame when possible.

eventually some group will gain power and will not be willing to give it up and they will end up going to far. They will push people both well of and poor into a corner and chaos will result.

for my money I bet it will be the Greenies/global warming we have to save the planet crowd that will cause it.


“America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the ■■■■■■■■.”


Most of the population is “pacified” and or fully indoctrinated (read free stuff and easy to distract) inside the cities/northeast/pacific coast.

The Constitution has been twisted and warped by administration after administration for so long people dont REALY know what their rights are anymore and therefore simply comply for the most part.

As for an armed confrontation, pray that never has to happen, 600k people where killed in our civil war, and that was fought with black powder tech, think of the butchers bill in modern times. Though that is VERY much a possibility atm, the US is a powder keg waiting for a match because of shall we say “divisional policy”. If my home state of TX ever did seceded, I would go home, but I know I would have to pick up a rifle against my brothers that I served with, and hope it doesn’t come to that.

P.S. Yes I expect some alphabet soup goon squad to show up, wont be the first time. (lookin at you BATF)


That’s odd cause the rights are right there in writing on the declaration of independence. People just need to get back to their roots :wink:

Kinda sad because ones freedom and ones very distinct right to life your (the one) life you have as best as YOU deem fit is pretty much the essence of life. The rest is just a waste of time and that goes past well to fast and can’t be taken back.


Exactly. But my fear is that as each generation passes, there are fewer who have ever lived under that concept, and more that only know (and welcome) the government yoke.


Too many lawyers and too many judges created too many interpretations for too many scenarios. The constitution is nothing more than history at this point.

People let fear justify freedoms and liberties being pulled. I consider those people weak minded and unable to think on their own. Progressive thinkers can make things happen, but those thinkers get silenced and squashed. All the while mind numbing reality TV gets played on every channel to divert the attention of the tele-centric, lazy society.

Lazy, it all boils down to laziness. It’s less work to be ruled than to fight for your rights…


Preamble, 1987 by Mike Wilkins
American Art Museum, DC

No Garza jokes, plz.


Case law, Judges with an agenda, and dirty politicians have made that document “obsolete” and twisted its words to serve themselves. Case in Point.



I often wonder how it looks from the outside. Thank you for sharing that perspective with me.

I understand where that perception comes from, but I don’t believe it’s true. I can’t name an American that would bother to urinate on a politician, even if the poor b@stard was on fire. “Politician” ranks with “boss” and “CEO” on the list of our foulest swear words. To occupy a position of authority in the US is to be almost universally reviled. Look at how we treat our police officers.

We aren’t cowed, or servile, or pacified. The only thing we seem to hate more than authority is being told what to do. Our problem, in the wider sense, is that we simply do not care. I know that my elected officials are committing atrocities in my name. I don’t agree with it, but at the end of the day this affects me and the hundred-or-so people that I care about not at all. I wish we weren’t bombing people so that I could pay $0.07 less for a gallon of gas. But not so much that I’m willing to actually do anything about it beyond write a sternly-worded letter to my Congressperson’s auto-responder.

Are you kidding? My life, and the lives of most Americans, is amazing. I can get what I need easily, and get what I want with a little work. My daughter sleeps safe and warm in her bed, on the eve of her second birthday, as I write this. Am I supposed to take to the streets in armed rebellion over some vague, misguided notion fairness?

Our system isn’t even remotely perfect, but it works for most of us.


Agreed. But when the wide part of the political bell curve starts to say, “Hey, wait-a-minute, where does the Constitution say that, exactly ?” is when we start to have serious trouble. The remedy for “Hey, wait-a-minute, where does the Constitution say that?” gets to happen every 2/4/6 years. I wish more would avail themselves of that privilege that so many died to protect.

Yep, and it works for so many outside of USA. I used to travel outside of the US a lot. Hanging out with people after work, and after a few of whatever the local drink was, it was pretty usual to end up talking about our respective country’s political systems. Once you take away all the usual rest-of-the-world infatuation with Hollywood stereotypes and consumerist crap, the USA still burns brightly for those who want to enjoy Liberty – no matter what your skin color might be, what your last name is, what caste you come from, or what school you went to, the USA is your best hope.


truthfully the loss of freedoms is by small cuts, so small that the majority of the population does not even realize or are even effected.

lets take a small case
dude in NY selling loosies (single cigarettes cheaper than you can buy them by the pack due to the massive taxes imposed by the Government of NY)

you know kind of like the home island taxing tea at an outrageous price in the colonies.

Government of NY pissed off they are losing revenue to the pesky people subverting the taxes and not paying the outrageous tax to the government overreacts and orders police to spend extra time and resources to go after people committing such a “heinous” crime as selling single cigarettes.

you know like the Home island getting upset at smuggling and selling tea without a taxstamp overacting by sending soldiers to close businesses down and seize shipping and enforce massive tax penalties.

Dude selling cigarettes tired of being hassled, arrested and general treated in such a manner by the police is fed up beyond all reason and refuses to cooperate resulting in his death during a struggle to arrest him. all for selling a few f*cking cigarettes.

you know like the colonists tired of being hassled, arrested and general treated in such a manner by red coats are fed up beyond all reason and refuse to simple knuckle under and accept the oppression resulting in soldiers firing into crowds and revolution. all for selling some f*cking tea

What is the difference?? The British government doubled down, refused to even consider anything else and continued to escalate until nearly everyone from wealthy business man and poor beggars were left with nearly no option but to fight back

were as our Government incites anger by one group those that are poorest and being harassed by the government and points them at another group the police causing riots, death and destruction of property thereby insuring the poor are angry at the cops and the businesses, the cops are angry about being blamed for doing what they were told to do, the businesses are afraid of the mobs, angry at the cops for not protecting them

all three groups poor mobs, businesses/property owners and cops all look to the government to step in and solve the problem. All the while everyone forgets the originating offense of massive taxes on cigarettes leading to the ridicules overuse of force causing the death of a man for selling single F*cking cigarettes.

our government is a giant bureaucratic, fumbling, manipulative Ahole of a government just like most others and it is very very hard to love it most of the time. But… well its still the land of opportunity, still a place where a jury of 12 regular old citizens can make or break any law. Where the constitution bent and tattered as it is still causes said government headaches when they try there highhanded BS.

Like i posted earlier eventually some group will go to far, will be too impatient with the constitutional restrictions they have to work around and instead of playing the game they will in their arrogance double down and escalate their attempts to control the population - My only hope is the 2nd amendment has not been bent too far when that day comes.


The populace, as a whole, bleeds tiny drops of blood in the form of income and personal freedoms. The federal, state and municipal codifications are delegated to extract this blood to pay for the mismanagement, corruption and graft that large bureaucracies engender. Our mainstream media casts a blind eye to many deeper realities within such a system.

In any event, such a system may correct itself eventually. Hopefully it will not involve the slaughter of citizens to bring about fundamental changes in governance back to the essence of that poor, tattered document that started this journey.

I had employed a nurse assistant from Togo who described to me actions by the elite families that govern that country. A truly diabolical and overt abuse of power that is/was seen in Africa since the disappearance of colonial overseers. Our elites are more subtle but no less tyrannical.

God Bless America! She may have warts and injustices, but still has a dream to be the beacon for the poor and wretched.