Happy 4th of July!


I wholeheartedly agree. I vote in every election. Every single one. I’d make voting mandatory, if I could.

This isn’t true in every case, of course, and there are some other pretty great countries out there where people live happily. But, it’s hard to listen to someone say the US is “falling apart” in one sentence, then decry the massive number of people trying to get in to it the next.


Voting… do you think voting makes a difference anymore? Or do they still let us vote to give us the illusion that our input means something?

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Every vote doesn’t count…stupid electoral college. George W. didn’t win the popular vote, but still got elected president because of the electoral college. Every vote doesn’t count.

I don’t vote, personal choice. First reason is the one I stated above…every vote doesn’t count. Second, I don’t follow politics enough to make an educated decision on a candidate. I take it seriously. I would rather not vote, than make a misinformed decision just cause I can.



Our voting process kind of goes like this:

"Ok Americans here are your choices for government office. Pick one:


Thanks for voting!"


LOL. Voting in my locale is often a choice of the lesser of evils not to mention the state and federal stuff. Sigh.


Right… kind of like “would you like Beelzebub to run the capital or would you like Lucifer?”


It seems that some folks want to vote for the “winner” so they can say they did. I vote my choices even if they have zero chance in hell. :fire:


I thought you got a prise if you picked the winning candidate.


2-4 years of bad decisions…


Vote locally. Choosing your Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors or Trustees or whatevers, will have much more of an impact to you personally. And those people running for President, didn’t just happen. They started off local to you and I. I’ve seen it happen with Kevin McCarthy.



Watch this…

We have a right for our freedom, we know what freedom feels like and “this” is not it!



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Oh, hell yeah I want to revive this topic!

To my fellow Americans, and friends of America around the globe; Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


party hard and don’t invade Mexico!



any chance you Merrickans could take Little Britain of our hands now?


Sure we had a good time visiting over that way last time. Hanging out in Britain then catching some boats over to France along with the whole European tour but do you really want us over there full time :smile:


The UK has always been a US submarine in the rest of “old europe”, I guess, some guys over in the Pentagone (pun intended) are fuming right now.