HashCoins.com Hardware Vendor?


What the elf?

It is not what you think either. LMAO


Looks like an Alchemist


Yes that one does indeed and it has the same hashrate. :smirk:


Alcheminer has been shipping, have unboxing and support threads on LTCTalk, not sure about hashcoins


So does this mean Josh has escaped to Russia? LMAO Я говорю по-русски ! :slight_smile:


But don’t you see the uncanny irony of this company? This is just too uncanny. It is like JG invested in Ru55ian’s shoppe in Moscow.


@ru55ian Is this your shoppe over there? LOL


I think I’ll reach out to their sales rep


Totally dude :slight_smile:


You made me LOL :slight_smile:


They say their miners can still mine vertcoin, since they are scrypt n as well. But VTC has changed algos to Lyra 2 a few months back.

This makes me weary, as they don’t take their website seriously.


I have serious doubts that this is a typical Russian girl… :eyes:


LMAO :smiley:


I cannot remember which country you are in momentarily (because you all are scattered around so widely here), but most countries have already banned Russian imports. I couldn’t buy from them even if I wanted to, being a Russian company. LOL


Pennsylvania here. So Ya, couldn’t order either.


Been watching them for a few months.
They have the best specs on a sha 256 rig -ie: “Uranus”. It seems a bit expensive.
I haven’t done my own ROI calcs lately… but rigwarz.com says it will ROI as fast as an S5. So they need to lower their price as far as I’m concerned. Here’s the link:


Each system contains

• One system board with (15) 20nm ASICs
• Performance: 6000 GH/s at nominal clock speed. (That’s 6.0 TH/s in one mining unit.)
• At the wall, this unit consumes 1600 watt / 0.26 watt per gigahash +/- 5%
• Chassis: 2-U Rack
• Powerful air cooling systems
• 2 x 850W High performance power supply
• Power cables
• 10/100 Ethernet port
Controller Board Inside

*Uranus is in the stage of testing and certification.

Controller Board Inside

• Beagle Bone Black. HashCoins web-interface preinstalled. Plug&Mine!

Chip & Board Specifications

• 20nm ASIC
• Each ASIC chip performs up to 403 GH/s at nominal clock speed
• Power Consumption at the chip: less than 0,24W/GH/s +/- 5%
• Designed to be underclocked for greater efficiency

• HashCoins™ system board for 20nm ASICs


They’re from Estonia:



But that picture appears to be the Moscow skyline on their website? LMAO I am not sure whether @PEARSON1FIED comes here much anymore, but he could confirm the company for us. At least he will get an email from GH saying his name came up. :slight_smile: I checked the website “about us,” and you are right, they are in Latvia. :smiley:


This guys says he actually bought from them:

Quote from: Umberg on March 27, 2015, 07:53:32 PM:

"I’m tied into HashCoins so, that I’ve bought some hardware from them and was happy with everything: hardware, service and support. That’s probably is a reason why I’m here at this forum. How are you tied into HC? Did you buy anything? "

However, I agree what “notlist3d” says in his reply:

…“I would put myself in curious people. If they were the right price I would buy to try one. But the prices don’t work with my figures. Just like the Ares you can get 3x of another brand for around the same price.”

“So no I am not tied into hashcoins, I would love to try one of their miners but as of right now they don’t make sense compared to other miner options.”

For example

Apollo V3 1.1 TH/s - $749
Not much better then the old A1’s on efficiency and just a little more power then them. The A1’s you can find around 1 BTC. Approx $550 dollars cheaper.

Zeus V3 4.5 TH/s - $2999 USD
It’s been month’s and we have not seen a single one of these (that I know of).
S5- 340 each times 4 =1360 + psu’s and you get the 4.5 TH for around half of a Zeus.

Uranus 6TH/s - $3299 USD (Pre-Order)
Nothing like it on market, no proof. It’s nearing shipping time of end of Q1 2015.


Yeah, it would be better to have @PEARSON1FIED check that place out, because he lives in Riga LV. It is about 3.5 hours away from Tallin ES, so I am not sure it would be worth his time really. :frowning: