HashNest / Bitmain possible DDOS coming


Got this email earlier today, not sure if many are aware, did not see a post here

To me Today at 11:03 AM

Dear Bitmain Customer,

This morning we received a concerning email from a group of hackers threatening Bitmain and our services with a DDoS attack and demanding a ransom payment to prevent the attack. Bitmain is committed to providing the best service possible to our users, and will not invite future attacks of this sort by giving in to the demands of hackers.

The hackers have demonstrated that they do possess the capability to execute a DDoS and that this is not an entirely empty threat, although we do not know the full extent of their capabilities. During the next few days, Bitmaintech.com, AntPool, AntPool.com, and&nbs p;Hashnest.com may experience intermittent outages. Our team is working hard to ensure that the effects of any possible attack will be as minimal as possible.

For those customers mining on AntPool, please make sure that you have configured your backup pools properly in the event that you are unable to access AntPool.

For HashNest users, mining payouts will continue as usual and there is no need to worry about lost revenue.

For sales, if you are unable to access our main website, you may contact us directly at info@bitmaintech.com.

Thank you for bearing with us during this time.

All the best,


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We’ve been discussing this most of today :smiley:


Thanks for sharing. The mail might get lost in the official HashNest thread :+1:


Many pools are getting hit hard. The hackers want ransoms to stop.
It has been nuts