Hashnest - New PACMiC V3, 0.666 BTC/TH


Hey Hashers,

We’re pleased to announce that the latest version of PACMiC is going live today. This one is cheaper than before, at 0.666 BTC per terahash, and pays a higher bonus of 0.8 satoshis per second.

Click here to check it out!

Also, we recently released mobile apps so you can monitor your Hashnest account while not at the computer. Please let us know what you think!


Bitmain PACMiC v3 Thread

I’ve been using the iPhone app. Seems to work quite well. Handy for trading :slight_smile:


This PACMiC does seem like it would be safer. Hmmmm …

Profit is computed each block by:
Unpaid principal (BTC) * 0.8 (satoshis per BTC per second) * time to find a block (seconds)

So if you are “lucky” and the first block takes an hour to find:
.666 BTC * .8 satoshi/s * 3600 s = 1918 satoshi
Next block would probably be lower as the unpaid balance goes down.

Since the unpaid balance is lower it will be paid down faster. This makes it more likely to not hit the contract time limit but the profit will also decline faster.

I know a lot of people really love these contracts. I hear chatter about them all the time. I think there is a perception of very little risk. The risk is more in what happens to BTC. Maybe I should try one of these. :sunglasses:

EDIT: It isn’t lower yield per BTC spent. Argh! I wasn’t thinking when I said “probably lower yield”. I removed that comment.


I would like to invest in the new one. Have you fixed the autobuy issues? I have data that shows that if you use autobuy you get shorted on the payouts. 1 of my pacmics for example, invested a total of 1.07xxBTC between purchase and autobuy, it was then paid out a total of 1.03xxxBTC, essentially being shorted that 0.04xxxBTC for the autobuy.


Whatever you do, do NOT use the autobuy. By any means, do NOT use the autobuy.


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@dykask I wouldn’t worry to much about Antpool finding to many blocks.

PACMiC are a viable addition to actual hashing power on HashNest to hedge “some” of your income on bad days and recently there has been plenty of bad days for Antpool.


I will keep repeating, do NOT use autobuy. The system is either borked or its intentional, either way, autobuy throws money down the drain.


I don’t have any PAC’s and I don’t plan on buying any either and I never use auto-buy on any site. Thanks for the advice though. It might be a good one for some of our members.


It wasn’t aimed directly at you. But I will keep repeating everywhere I can, hopefully someone from hashnest will see it on here and look into it. I have heard not good things about their support via the site, so I am reluctant to open a request for it.

Autobuy on the pacmics is a decent way to compound some earnings, combine that with the fact that once a version of pacmic is sold out, the autobuy ceases to function and you start getting normal payouts. I was rotating some pacmics on and off autobuy for DMT, until @dazme told me the #s didn’t look right to him, so I did the math and low and behold, it doesn’t add up.


Can you post the math? I tried to do that too and it looked ok to me. Although the numbers at the top of the contract list are out of whack (I think it double counts reinvested principal) the actual income seemed ok. But my math was on a napkin after some amount of liquid entertainment so I may have screwed something up.

This was on V1. I didn’t to V2 or V3.


30 days, 200% return on investment?


Can you PM me your calculations? Will have a look.


Something like that, give or take a few orders of magnitude. Seriously though, all my V1s are done and paid out the principal in full plus the ~3% they were expected to pay out… so I’m reasonably sure that Hashnest did what they promised to do there.


I would agree. v1 was certainly a viable option for those who bought them. I haven’t followed up on v2 or now v3 so I pretty much know as much as you are but I doubt that Bitmain would offer a “losing” product.


I am pretty sure if anything it’s a glitch in the website. Remember when the great blackmailing incident happened and the website was skewed for a week? Maybe all of the bugs didn’t get ironed out. And if @rdyoung could post the math for everyone to see it would help the conversation


Naaa continued DDoS attacks wouldn’t introduce system bugs. :wink:


@HashNest I downloaded the Hashnest App APK for Android from the site when it first came out and then it was updated and I cant get it to work anymore, Tried deleting and reinstalling still wont work,shows me logged in but owning 0 GH will is certainly not so.
I then downloaded on my ipad through the app store and it worked fine on the ipad.
Hope you can help.


I have them in a sheet on google docs. I can send you the link to that sheet, it only covers one of the 4 of the V1 that are now expired.


@rdyoung Sure, please do. Or post in this thread, seems that others are interested too.