Hashra and Flower Tech


Hashra! Made off with thousands of my money Are you a Victim as well?




From last year


Never ever preorder, 99% chance of never getting the equipment on time if at all.


Sorry to hear and welcome to our community.


Wow everyone saw that coming.


only preorder that ever paid for me was spondoolies and even they stretched it until the very limit.


I honestly did not see this coming from hasha as they came through for me before
But flower tech was new when i ordered and all the hype back then was about litecoin/scrypt algo


Helix was taking over with Ensilica the flower tech IP and was supposed to deliver. Then they dropped out if touch. The FPGA output was nice with their specs.
Hashra I had information about who was going to be the chip supplier then it all stopped as well no info.
It’s frustrating.


This is the most crooks ive been exposed to in my whole life these companies are like parasites i am surprised they are getting away with this