Have you seen this car?


I was just listening to “The Car Pros” on the radio and they where discussing this car. Jerry, the host of the show said it scared him…it is too much power…LOL…now I have to have one


I prefer this…


Yeah, I would definitely take a Charger Hellcat. I had an RT and loved it. I did read some reviews that it was the “scariest automobile they’d ever driven”


I guess the sticker price is around $60k but they are selling privately for $90K

I believe this is the first American production car to top 700 HP coupled with a 1000 unit first year production makes it an instant collector!


Never too much power?


Maybe it’s an age thing, but I’d rather have a Tesla:

“Insane mode”


Once you have driven one of these, you will never want to drive anything else (deep pockets required for fuel)


Me too. Tesla Model S is awesome. I had a test drive of the standard 85 last week. I was very impressed. It doesn’t matter how fast you are going, if you put your foot down and it goes :).


Damnit, Tesla made the P70D the low-end model now. More battery life, better standard options, a bit faster.

Ugh, it’s so hard not to lust after one. I’ve driven the P85, and the S60 and loved them both.


Tell me about it. They are awesome :). I don’t think I will be able to afford one until the model 3 but they are a long long way off.


I just bought a new car last year (Jeep Wrangler Unlimited) as the only Teslas available were RWD which wouldn’t work where I live in the winter time. We just don’t get plowed quickly and tend to get lots of ice.

I figure once my oldest gets to be 16 I will let him use the Jeep and I’ll get a Tesla at that point. That gives me 3 years to save up.