Havelock DIRECT mining contracts


I understand what ghxchange was designed to be and it excels at that. Please calm down, I am not attacking or diminishing the xchange or the work you guys have done.

As for the storage of assets at an exchange, a few things come to mind.

  1. Deposit to sell and then withdraw funds.
  2. If your buying an asset, withdraw the asset as soon as you purchase it.
  3. No reason why a multisig address couldn’t hold the assets, setup with 2:3, the user:thexchange:bitgo or some other trusted option.

Did we not do this dance with masterxchange months ago? Unless they fixed somethings, its not worth using.

To be blunt, you need to calm the hell down and stop taking everything as an attack.


Go ahead. You’ll need to develop one that will utilize hot wallets, we won’t go down that line.

Almost :slight_smile:


Yeah…Havelock’s not for me.

I bought into AMHash deal the first day and got the willies the next day. I sold it for a tiny loss to just get rid of it. What a lucky decision -lol.