Heliopay & UK Drone Racing


Heliopay will be sponsoring various UK Drone Racing events this year and next.

The fastest growing sport on the planet, high tech and big fun. FPV racing is THE new groovy. Those of you into Wipeout or AG racing will love this. IN fact, any racer (those with it in their blood) will love this!

One Drone supplier is adding bitcoin to their payment options and we expect more especially as prizes of Bitcoin (in paper, plastic (Coinkite) and Metal (Bitstashers)) wallets with some bitcoin on will be offered.

Watch this space as events are announced. If you’re a racer, get your Fat Sharks on and race… the prizes are gonna be very cool!


I would sign up if I were in the UK and my Hubsan lasted longer than 3 minutes on a single battery :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Likely significantly out of the weight league for racers… but still loads of fun!


Smooth. Very well played :smiley: