Help Me with BTC MultiBit, Anyone?


Hi Friends:

I have 3 multibit wallets:

BTC, AICoin & Sleak.

My BTC wallet had 2 deposits yesterday and today it is empty & shows no transactions.

Just uninstalled Sleak, to see if that might help, but still I get an empty BTC wallet.

QUESTION: Can a MultiBit wallet on a private PC get Haxxored?


A multi but wallet can get hacked, but what you are seeing is probably a known MultiBit issue.

The same thing has happened to my Dogecoin MultiBit wallet. What you have to do is find out where in your is the backup wallet file is stored (Google MultiBit wallet location - that should give you the answer to this - I would but am not at my computer) and select from the drop down menus above import wallet. Select your pre-existing wallet and it should load back up.

I can help more later once I am back at my computer if you need more assistance.


Thanks very much @ctgiant

I thought it was safe on my password-protected PC.

An ex-business assoc helped me set it up & still sees when I make a sale on my web site…so…it’s not much of a stretch who did it.

It wasn’t even that much – especially for a felony act – just enuf for dinner at, so rot in hell Hacker. :frowning:

@Automatedjanitor plz help…


If your transactions list is empty, then you probably did not get hacked. It is more likely that it was a MultiBit error that can be fixed.

Steps to fix if that is the issue:

  1. Open MultiBit Wallet
  2. Click on File --> Open Wallet
  3. Find multibit.wallet file location and select the multibit.wallet file
    • On Windows:
    • [APPDATA]/MultiBit. Windows (7,8): C:\Documents and Settings\example\AppData\Roaming\MultiBit
    • On Mac
    • In OSX the user Library directory is normally hidden. Follow the show hidden files instructions to reveal it in the Finder.
    • [user.home]/Library/Application Support/MultiBit. OSX 10.5+: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/MultiBit
    • Linux
    • In Linux the user home directory is normally visible, and is located here:
      [user.home]/MultiBit. Ubuntu/Debian: /home/example/MultiBit

You should be able to retrieve your balance once the blockchain is finished uploading.


Thanks, but when I try to open the wallet, there is nothing there to select.


That’s curious. I would have bet money that you were just having a simple MultiBit issue.

I guess if it is not that then maybe you did get hacked. At least like you said, it was not much.


Do you have a backup of your wallet file (or your private keys?).

If you have either one I would recommend to do a fresh installation to see if that resolves the issue for you.


Thanks, friends.