hi everyone, who is still alive?


Hi Friends & Minions:

I’m still around.

Bitcoin been berry-berry good to me too!

What a windfall.

Looking forward to Garza pleading guilty to Wire Fraud in federal court on July 20.



Lol can’t wait, it is so SOON™

I’m still kicking around :smile:


Hi, got back into mining with a 5 card setup of RX470/570s.

Garza going to jail will be a nice touch to add to a perfect summer, IMHO.


Still alive and kicking, and doing rather well at the moment…

Just been commissioned to write a report for someone who wants to get in to eth mining, so writing him up all details on best cards, motherboards, power supplies etc, what hashrates to expect, how much he’ll need to invest to make “x” per month (yeah, we all know it doesn’t actually work that way, and I’ll make that clear lol)

Will also be running workshops at the Brighton Digital festival in September - http://brightondigitalfestival.co.uk/events/bitcoin-an-introduction

And will be doing the same in October at the “BitBrighton” event - http://bitbrighton.org/

Apparently there’s another event in November in Birmingham which I’ve been invited to but I don’t have any further details on that one at the moment.

It’s all looking rather fun right now.


I’m still around. Just got a job! (And interviewing for a better one next week).
Just for the record, being broke and homeless (we’ll sort of, couch surfing with friends/family for over a year) really sucks, glad that is now over.
I intend to try to be at Garbonzo’s sentencing hearing, something I really want see.
GUILY, coming . . .
Soon! ©