HJGanzaCoin - Questions on coin maintenance / adoption


So I started HJGanzaCoin as more of a joke for all the HT folks around, but I want to see what it takes to grow it to the point of actually getting it listed on an exchange!

Basically it is a copy of litecoin bastardized.
I am mining right now with the QT wallet on my machine, but when I try starting more than one wallet (on different machines) the network spazes out…

I also have one running on windows and one running on linux (via WINE) and do not have the technical knowledge to compile an actual linux wallet.

Questions for folks are:
-Would anyone actually be interested participating in the joke?
-How are new nodes setup?
-What info do folks need to actually use it (just the wallet file or more info?)
-How does a coin get on an exchange? I assume there are parameters that this wouldn’t fit but there is likely a low tier exchange somewhere that takes anyone :wink:

I figure there is a wealth of knowledge in here, so any suggestions are appreciated even if it is “this idea is stupid, just shut it off”.
Thanks much.

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But as a minimum you do need working nodes and a wallet that compiles. Also having some real hashrate would be helpful and if it’s an LTC clone (Scrypt) you are probably going to have trouble with it forking and stalling and otherwise misbehaving as soon as someone with a Titan decides to play with it. Don’t take my word for it though, I’m not a coin dev.

Getting it listed on coin-swap.net is something of a holy grail for XPY parody coins, so that should be your goal I think :grinning:


I already had issues with it misbehaving when I brought on two PCs CPU mining, bahahaha.

Atleast the windows wallet works!
For nodes, what information would folks need to set one up?
I was looking at setting up some free ones with amazon EC2, but not sure how many are needed.

Also hashrate will be an issue, as my max is 10 gridseed orbs I have at home :smile:
I can’t imagine what would happen when someone brings on a serious ASIC scrypt miner…


You might want to choose to clone a coin with a different algo, or at least look into diff adjustment techniques like DigiShield.

Sorry I don’t have much clue about the nodes.


You need to get miners interested. They will mine it and then bother the exchanges to list it so they can sell it to the market. Bleutrade for example lists a lot of coins.


I guess I will just let it die off then.
I’m not a technical person and set it up more as a joke.
If people had issues trying to mine it, I don’t want them turning on me for not being able to help with their questions or supporting issues!

That said, anyone want a HJGanzaCoin as a momento :slight_smile: