How can I get a power cord for my antminer s7 power supply?



I just got my first S7 and an AntMiner APW3-12-1600 PSU. On the wall of my shop I have a 240v outlet that looks just like the attaced picture. Can someone advise me where to buy a cord to connect the PSU to the wall?


you have to make one. they don’t sell them like this as far as i know.


This looks like NEMA 6-20. Buy a plug and make your own as @nemesio suggested or try searching Amazon or eBay…


Thank you, good sir! On the PSU there’s an port that looks like a normal computer cord port. Do you know the right terminology for the name of the plug that would connect to it?


Thank you sir.


i used the same style when installing my 240v sockets at home, i don’t remember the name, i just ran to the hardware store and picked up a connector, cut off the end, used an ohmeter to verify which cord was for which port, then wired it up.

you want to be sure you use the correct ports on the blugs.

Edit: Loth’s link is correct



Thank you sir!


C13 is the PSU end.

Like this I think:




Thank you and everyone very much!




Nope, a nerd would’ve said “IEC320-C13” and quoted three pages of NEC.