How many PayBase accounts are on hold and countdown


As many of you know on Saturday Pay Base released Flash Pay, this caused a melt down in there internal market causing the price of XPY to drop as low as 1 cent. Now some of us who seen this as a trading opportunity took the option to buy, mostly between 1 and 10 cent or slightly higher.

Now Pay Base has decided that because they set up the buy and sell feature by market prices + a spread (which really is a hidden fee) that they feel they have been scammed.

I am interested to know how many people have accounts lock, like I and @volder. (his says it on twitter) and I will report back on a daily basis on our ongoing battle to get our accounts unlocked so we can see the damage.

I will also make it clear that I did get to withdraw some of my XPY prior to the shut down and if my account has been reversed it will be an extremely cold day in hell before I give anything to pay base.


My latest email response

Hello Mark.

I do apologize for this inconvenience. Unfortunately I do not have an ETA on when this will be resolved, however the developers are actively working to resolve this issue. I do appreciate your patience while a fix is implemented.


I would suggest that I and others may be in for a long wait, hey I made a very good profit so not really worried (not as good as @volder) but there are others who did not get a chance to withdraw any XPY and are also in limbo


I was but I am free now. I am missing 6.29 BTC and 10 XPY which is not a big deal because they gave me 2512 out of the 2522 I had there. But I do need the BTC back.


Yes I am free now missing 1200 XPY but know have all funds out of pay base and will never ever use it again. Just don’t trust it.


Same here. I will never even look at the prices because I do not want to be tempted to use it. The only time I used it before this weekend was a little bit of arbitrage. BTW are you the one I was talking to in the chat over at HT the last few days?


It was my pet goat


I didnt even know that was you.


I mentioned earlier on twitter I was able to log back in but can’t get my bit coins out. and now we are hearing stories that volder get’s to keep his XPY that he bought during the flux wtf?


So @bubbamark this was my reply from the pay base buy why my coins were not there when they came back online does
this sound like fishy to you?

REPLY FROM paybase support:

“During a short window when PayFlash and the instant buy sell engine on PayBase were launched and updated there was an error in the core of the instant buy/sell engine. This resulted in orders which were placed via the buy sell page not being properly executed on the market. Both engines were taken offline shortly after. Since the orders were never actually send to the market the BTC you used to purchase should have been refunded to your account. If this is not the case please let me know the details of your transaction”:

I am starting to hear thing’s like volder and other member’s are keeping the xpy like i mentioned above they got at certain level’s of prices I purchase most of mine at 25 cents and not all users ? and I never used their market it was just the buy / sell feature I thought that was separate from the market and was from directly Gaw.


It looks like we are screwed, as stated I got 445 out plus the 156 they let me keep, I made a 0.80BTC deposit make 6BTC, however would of I been left my other coins I would of made 20BTC +. It just goes to show if you withdraw you would of been better off. The only reason I did not get more out is that 99 xpy was the max per withdrawal, and the hot wallet run out of coins. Shame.