[How-To] Ship From USA To Canada. Forms Explained


Shipping to Canada from US is no big deal really.

To ship SHA and Scrypt miners
All you need to fill is those 2 extra forms.

Custom need to know where the product was made in.
Most of the time you put China there.

Write down description of the product, quantity and value.

That’s it :smile:

In doubt, customer services can help you fill the paper with you.

Open your market, sell international :airplane:


Thx @Hytekk :slight_smile: Nice to have more options available.


Oh wow, I hate those. I used to need those for merchandise from Thailand “back in the days”. I didn’t know that you need a CoO for non-commercial sales. Is this something exclusive to electronics and the USA/Canada?


I don’t know for other parts of the world but US/Canada need theses forms for all goods. Not all products are taxable for the importer but electronic gear sadly is :frowning:


probaly has to do with the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement AKA Canada-USA-Mexico). Since it’s not originally produced within NAFTA, they are going to be taxed at customs at higher rate.


@Hytekk I see. Was just wondering cause them CoO’s used to be a right pain in the back for me. Back then I was exporting garments, beachwear, sarongs and stuff from Thailand with most of it being sold in Spain and the Balearic Islands. I then did “one” large shipment of (non-branded, non-knock off) Jeans and other clothes to Germany and it was a serious nightmare.

We shipped the stuff in time to get there for early December to do a big outlet sale before the Holidays and Christmas and the whole thing went pretty sideways and we didn’t get the stuff through Customs before the end of the first week in January. Needless to say that we were left with a ton of clothes “after” Christmas. :slight_smile:

I remember that the CoO’s were one of the problems since I never needed them for importing to Spain but the rest of the paperwork was a total nightmare as well. You need to know the exact code for each item and every shirt (short- long sleeve, with collar, without, with buttons, without) and so on has it’s own code. We had to hand it to a company to do it for us and it in the end it cost us a ton of money just to get it all into Germany. Never again :slight_smile:

I see, makes sense. Thanks :wink: