Anyone have experience with investment? offers a constant earning percentage. To clarify, we pay hourly interest between 0.07% - 0.13% on your investment depend on how much you are going to deposit.
The major and most significant advantage of is offering instant earning for the entire period of time that your investment portfolio remains active. In other words, the amount available for withdrawal from our system grows not just very day but every hour, every minute, every second and every millisecond.”

"Profit independent of how we pay simplify as the steps below:

Create an account absolutely free of charge and get your own Bitcoin wallet
Deposit as much as you desire to your account
Depend on how much is your deposit, your Bitcoins will invest in one of our plans automatically
Your account start growing on hourly basis and each hour you will get earned"


each hour you will get what, again?


Translation: Not one minute of the day goes by without giving thanks for your gift. And then we laugh hysterically.




My understanding is you invest with BTC and get paid in BTC.

It all seems fishy to me. just wondering if anyone has invested with them and if they trust them?


I’ve been experimenting with the site since yesterday.


Tell us more in the following days, thank you to test that out.


Sounds like another ponzi scheme to me


Ask for full disclosure, if not walk


Okay, the site is very nice looking you have to give them that. However… domains with a - are just such bad. Looking more into it I’ve come across this:

So, my understanding is that investors are basically investing into a trading fund (Hola SEC) which then pays out interest every few hours. Nice.

However, they have to be one hell of a trading group to guarantee returns of 1.68% to 3.12% per day. This is definitely a high risk investment and I would not recommend for anyone to invest more than you’re willing to lose. Personally I wont be putting any money on that site.


Does the term “High Yield Investment Program” ring any bells?


:bell: :bell: :warning:


I’ve been playing with 0.4 BTC since Feb 15th 9PM.
Received 0.01351000 BTC so far (9AM Feb17).
Theoretical ROI from principle: About 60 days if I don’t put my payout back into it.

It does feel like HYIP site. Use at your own gamble.