HYP - HyperStake Discussion


A few weeks ago @vancefox introduced me to HyperStake (HYP ) I bought a bunch of them 24k and it’s slowly staking in my wallet now.

Anyone else have any HYP and want to discuss this coin. I’m really on the lazy side right now and don’t want to do a lot of research.

  • X11 PoW blocks already phased out
  • Proof of Stake Blocks Only
  • 90 Second Block Time
  • Minimum Age - 8.8 days (rounded)
  • Maximum Age - 30 days
  • Annual Stake Rate - 750%
  • Maximum Stake Subsidy - 1,000 HYP
  • Recommended Block Size - 1,000-4,000 HYP

It has a nice command line interface to select coins.

CSC - Crypto Stake Coin

I believe it’s a staking coin that stakes “hyper” fast… Saved you like 5 minutes there…


I just looked at their website, it’s a coin created from a fork of a failed community coin…and…well, not sure what else.

What were the advantages that made @vancefox suggest it to you, community or technological? If there’s some good reason to buy a little I might just do it, for the hell of it.


No real advantage we where discussing hyperinflation and he suggested I looked into HYP. This is just for fun. The coin is POS 750%/year staking. I bought 24k on the 29th and now I already got 30k.


Added some info in the first post. BCT is down at the moment so I really can’t get all the details of the coin. Will fill it in later.


Ok, will take a more in depth look later, just for fun.

As it happens, I googled it and must have done something different this time, because I just found something called hyper which is also a POS based crypto, but with a 5% monthly stake rate and is useful in gaming ecosystems:


I don’t think this is connected to the one you’ve posted, but I’m going to look more into this one because it really does seem to be quite interesting, though I’ve only given it a quick read over at the moment :slight_smile:


Is HYP on any exchanges?

It sounds like a guaranteed dead end - the value would probably decrease exponentially to the point where it can’t be traded even against Doge, and then what? Not sure I’m getting the purpose of this exercise other than the warm feeling of coins growing in the wallet.


It looks like it’s on polo:




On cryptsy too. The volume on cryptsy is really minimum. I think the coin is really made as a race to see who can get the most coins in the shortest time nothing more. it has specific command to place the resulting subsidy of the stake in a specific address and they have a so called rich list. I’ve seen some discussions but did not go deep into it but it comes down to this. People are trying to get the most coins and that is it nothing else.


Just double checked on coin-swap, this one is HYP, the in game one is HYPER so yeah, to answer my own question, two totally different currencies. I’ve got to say that this in game one does look very interesting, with merchant services already springing up and people starting to utilise it in games, including counterstrike, minecraft and I even saw Eve mentioned, so I’m going to delve deeper, tomorrow, when I have more time :slight_smile:


Nice you should make a different topic.


Good idea, once I’ve learned enough to start it off I’ll do that. I should imagine there a few gamers here already and more will likely arrive, so could be a good one :slight_smile:


There are some great staking journals for HYP, see if I can find them and will link them.


Hyperstake (HYP) is on exchanges and does have decreasing value, but somewhat close to the exponential effect of the hyperinflation. With this said, your wallet’s value will be normalized as long as you stake regularly. edit Normal is based on market valuation, nothing more… edit

Hyperstake is a coin but it was made to experiment with effects of hyperinflation on a currency. It’s actually something very good to look in to to fully understand the outcome of inflation.

Full disclosure: I do own ~ 160k and I every now and then pump a little bit of btc into the coin because I do like both the REAL development of the source and wallet as well as the honesty of what the coin is and what you get out of it.

There is no statement that you’ll get rich because of 750%. It openly states it’s an experimental coin looking into the actual real world effects of extreme PoS.

The reason why me and Daffy were talking about hyperinflation is because of XPY's "hidden in plain site" unequal and greatly disportional hyper-inflationary code. This coin (HYP) gives every block the same chance with the same rate due to the maximum stake amount of 1,000 coins per block.


This is one of the things that struck me about xpy. The idea may have been grand, but it appears that no one sat down and did the maths or ran simulations on what would happen. I’m guessing that because of the restrictions each time on how many coins would need to be locked up in the “prime controllers” that the effects of such a drastic inflation rate would be mitigated, but I haven’t seen any maths. Is there any, any where, which would show how the idea of “prime controllers” could be implemented if time and care was taken over it?


Please do make that topic I want to discuss the other coin :slight_smile:

@vancefox thanks for the details.


or just join in everywhere else about it… ; )


I threw a few quick bits together from their main website for easy access here:

I@ve not got enough time to delve deeply at the moment, but didn’t want to forget about it…you know how it goes, you intend to go back to something then life get’s in the way :slight_smile:

edit sorry for kinda hijacking the thread daffy, I’ll keep all posts on topic now :slight_smile:


One quick note… HYPER is different than HyperStake… just wanted to make sure ya’ll know that.


Yeah cheers man, t’was why I created a separate thread for HYPER, actually looks like an interesting concept, not too sure I’ll get involved in HYP but curious to watch how it evolves from the sidelines :slight_smile: