Hyping Is Done Here



Batch 2 Batch eleventhy million SO MANY GHX’s

@cyberdexter and @keymaster in the hizzzouseeeee (sleeping on the couch, they’re spooning, let them be, it’s cute)

We so doing this! get ready! no announcement right now just pure hyping speculation people!



You smoking some beef bro?


New idea GETBEEFING! Hamburger Delivery Service!


Oh my god… Beef card


Tie your GHX to that card’s BTC address, put it on auto purchase mode for daily free burgers! OH MY JACKPOT!!!


It’s Saturday night here in Estados Unidos. Folks got they swerve on.


We can trademark it and nda the world


Are you speaking some other language @sburn?


Some of the lads might be a bit chuffed and perhaps squiffy, you ripper.


I’d say we could make GETPIZZA also, but Pizza-The-Hut is taken and the Ninja Turtles already claim Pizza for themselves. We have our HAMBURGESAS!!!


^^^ I’ll have one of what he’s having!


I got a first look at the new BATCH 2.

[spoiler]<img src=

> [/spoiler]


so magical, are you telling me that batch 2 is[spoiler] magic[/spoiler] and not hardware?





Burgers are intersting


Is that a word or codka. Lol

Edit vidka

Edit vodka


I once knew a batch 2, it did NOT go well whew…


Burgers and GHX? It’s a revolution!