I am Anarchy - Cody Wilson


I just came across this interview with Cody Wilson again.

For those of you who don’t know Cody, he printed the first 3D gun and got heaps of stress for it. He’s very deep in the crypto-community and part of the Dark Wallet team. It’s a 13 minute interview but imho worth the time.

Edit: forgot to add that Cody was declared "“one of the 15 most dangerous people in the world”…lol

Here is another one which is pretty cool. Cody had his wallet stolen at a book store. Check out his reaction.


https://defdist.org/ his non-profit company.


Impressive guy, to be sure. Always enjoy reading about his latest exploits :slight_smile:


[quote=“DumbRedneck, post:2, topic:632”]
https://defdist.org/ his non-profit company.[/quote]

I know, linked it in the OP. :smile:

@BoB I like him too. He’s a very intelligent person.


I am realy suprized that he hasn not got the Hoffa treatment yet. You know the goon squad is just waiting for the order. Brilliant guy, love the way he rattles cages.


Well, he was close a couple of times.