I Am Still Around


HI Everyone,
I know I have not been around much lately. From Mid June until the last two or three weeks has been crazy. My wife had a baby and I have been dealing with a new treatment for my spinal cord injury.

Needless to say I hope you are all doing well. I look forward to reconnecting with you all when I am not being a bed for my son. LOL


There are worse things to have to do in life than be a bed :smiley:

Enjoy, and hope the treatments are having a positive effect!


Thanks and you are right. I love every second of my time with my family. My wife, and my son & daughter keep me going that is for sure.

One treatment was a mess. Lyrica really messed me up. Now on to a new one. So far no bad side effects but no results either. We will see.
Thanks again.


Hey, congratulations! :smiley:


Gz dude get well of your spine because when that little baby grows up and starts tearing the house apart you will need it working 100% hehehe :wink:


I hope everything works out for the best. Your little guy is adorable…enjoy being a bed while you can. They grow up so fast.



That’s pretty good investment there… just be a bed and watch that investment grow, and for sure it does quickly… not to mention the fun you have doing all that.

I surely hope your treatments go well.


Glad to hear you’re doing okay. The little one is so cute, congrats!!!


Aww soooo cute. Congrats!


Good to see you!


Thanks everyone.
I am enjoying him. My daughter is nearly three and is so good with him also. My wife is just amazing. He is our miracle baby.


So, what? This topic has nothing to do with journalism, or crypto. I very much doubt that some scammer paid him to update us on his injury, or the new baby.