I got a burger badge


Me. I got it I got the badge

Burgers are the new miner


Congrats!..we never got that Burgerlet :frowning:


Maybe one day it will come. From somewhere


I don’t see the badge…it’s a scam! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I got my badge!! :hamburger:


LOL You guys I swear. :wink:


No swearing :laughing: (j/k)


WHAAAAA!!! You got a Burger Badge…I am so jelly right now!!!

If at all possible I would like a “Crypto Burrito” Badge…after you give me the badge (if you so choose to do so) please destroy the machine that made the badge…I want the only one in existence :+1:


Wait - how do you get one? I just have silly stuff like Regular, first, autobiographer.

I demand a burger badge !!


You need to take a picture of a burger either homemade or at your local bar/pub or any other place and post it in the Everything Burgers thread. :slight_smile:


OK - done. And what’s that about displaying your badges via some profile option ?


Go to edit profile and look for


Once you click on edit you’ll get an option to select a badge name as custom title. “if” the badge is setup for it. The burger badge is and we’ll do the same with other badges in the future. We just need to find a reason to create some… like “not mining origin” lol.