I.Have.An.IDEA! (EobotMiningCoin)


ok sounds good. I need all the suggestions i can. luckily i messed up something so the coins never auto issued. we will stack this account in case it needs adjusting, but as long as everyone gets a fair cut depending on contribution i see no problem if it upgrades to 0.01 PER coin. My only problem with merging with DMT is that it may no be fair to those who already own DMT to have to give a cut to the new adopters of the EMC side of it, or is that not a problem? (i may be understanding wrong)


There is no auto issue on coinprism you have to initiate it manually The crowdsales that is Also make sure you choose the right option seller pays fees or buyer pays fees that make a difference.


Not sure what you mean here but merging it with another asset is not a good idea. DMT has it’s own calculations and break even it would make it very difficult to asses how that would evolve and like you said it would be unfair not only for the DMT owners but also for the new owners.


ok awesome i havent missed that then. I am just organizing it all. I will not issue the 0.001 coins yet, because if all users put in over 0.01 then theres no reason to not make each coin worth just that, and issue less total coins.


thats what i thought too, cool. I was just entertaining @rdyoung’s thought on it. No EMC will be STRICKLY a large pot dividended to coin holders all depending on how much we can crowd sale it up to, lets start with from one week from today. i dont like to have peoples funds just sitting there but i dont know any other way to build a crowd sale. ALL contributions are open to refunds directly from me till the day the contract goes live (i will pay the fees)


Ok 0.01 BTC on the way. https://blockchain.info/tx/04d4696cf327f3a47a8f2056421cb3b6a91e606c761ee710240035128f603e96


ok.:slight_smile: i will not be issuing the coins as i stated i would before until the end of the crowdsale to properly asses the value of each coin, it will prob end up being 0.01, and im thinking non divisable.


My wife @AnAmandaBear has brought to my attention the 5% referral program offered by Eobot and ideas are as follows (and open to others, and non-concrete till decided by all investors the best course of action)
Idea 1: No referral , “Farget Abat It” :stuck_out_tongue:
Idea 2: We make 2 seperate BRAND NEW eobot accounts. I will pair these with two seperate brand new emails (maybe EobotMiningCoin@hotmail.com and Eobotreferralaccount@hotmail.com? :P) this account will use the 5% to either cover the fees associated with dividends, and /or to create maybe a weekly(?) bonus dividend :smile:
open to all other ideas :smiley:

also after reading my idea she has stated that we are doing this. I told her i have not set a time on the crowdsale, so all that changes is that now its a for SURE thing. We will have between 5 and looking like now with her backing closer to 10 BTC within the next month or 2 for this project. i am very excited and currently there are THREE total users hee hee :slight_smile:


Now this is interesting. I like BONUS…


in this early stage its hard to say what it would bring in. if our 5 year was purchased with up to 25-50 BTC i would think the 1% referral would be DECENT :slight_smile: what we do with it will be consensus of all investors, i would like to have that theme where it works :slight_smile:


@cjmapope you still haven’t laid out what the purpose of mining the altcoins is? Will you be leaving them in eobot? Will you be transferring them out to cold storage for a long term hold?

They have 18 coins total including bitcoin and not including the reinvestment into GHS.
If you “mine” all 18 of these coins, your timeframe for positive ROI goes up by about 18times.

If you need to, please pm me, or we can get on hangouts or another chat option and think this through. All I see so far is a grandiose idea with very little planning involved.


Then just decide that ahead of time. The minimum deposit to eobot is 0.005btc, you can keep gathering funds and
making a deposit to eobot, they won’t kick your deposited funds back to you in a payout.


Wait what? Sorry but that does not compute.


I did the math based on paying out only the btc to shareholders.

1/18 0.055555555^
1/0.055555555555 = 18

This doesn’t account for any sales of the other coins, but I can’t include that math because he hasn’t said what the others coins place is. We can however, assume that the coins that are POW will likely go down in value, this also plays a part in what ROI over what timeframe.


Wait with your “timeframe goes up” you mean it takes longer to get to the break even point. Ok sorry I misread that.


I’m not sure it would be wise to mine anything else than BTC most of those alt-coins are not even worth it to mine I mean.


This is one on the issues that needs addressed. They do have a couple that are POW and might be worth “mining”, but what is he going to do with those coins? As I have asked previously and he hasn’t answered. Will they be held in cold storage to be sold if/when the price is right? Who will have the keys to those addresses? Will he leave them in eobot? Not a smart move, along the same lines as not backing an asset on any one company. All eggs, one basket, that same idea.


as i stated before, it wil be the decision of all share holders, and we will decide as a concensus what to do. we will most likely decide to start with BTC even till we reach ROI, then readress the question. It’s all the decision of all shareholders and so i cant say EXACTLY what will happen each decision till i confere with shareholders (currently 3)


for me its pretty simple, we will build a fund over next few weeks to a hopefully awesome amount (min i want for this project is 10 BTC, if not i will ask shareholders if they want to cancel and refund or wait it out build more funds) and then we decide if the time is right. The coins will be issued on that day when the contract is purchased with final numbers
Currently 10BTC will buy us 4379.36 GHS with 13.7 month ROI. Split evenly between all investors depending on contribution a.k.a EMC coins. each decision in this road map will be made by the investors. Which brings us to our first: Should we consider Xfering these funds to a savings account till end of crowdfunding? HaoBTC offers 8% A.P.R with intrest paid hourly. The downside is we place the funds with a third party site, and it disables alot of the security and transapency coinprism offers. @Daffy and @lothendriel please let me know your thoughts on this as its just us 3 so far (12 hours into beta launch)


current distribution is as follows and this will be same model to follow dividends upon launch, just a simple % dividend of total pot.