I.Have.An.IDEA! (EobotMiningCoin)


SPECIFICALLY, i do not have a purpose of altcoins decided CURRENTLY as it will be the choice of all investors. my vote is leaning towards getting our 13.7 month ROI first, then revisiting the idea , but Eobot’s ease of switching makes it so we can make that decision anytime, i am also liking the “Diversify” option they have so we can chat about that too in the future :slight_smile:


I have now created 2 Brand new Eobot accounts, with the main being “EobotMiningCoin” and it having the referral to the second account “EobotMiningCoinReferral” i have also created 2 new emails to associate with these accounts and will admin them myself, tho should be no need to do much with them they are brand new and specifically for this purpose.

in the sake of GHCommunity transparency i have took a shot of the referral screen which also shows the user id’s (Account 1 is user # 220178 and account #2 is user #220180) That way anyone can look at these accounts to see them in activity during this project, and anyone can watch the progress when the contract is purchased as eobot lets users check out others accounts as most of you know :slight_smile:


I do like that part of it if you have an account on there you can show how much you run to somebody


You need to clear this up in the OP and or your previous posts. I understand that this is a lark of sorts and you want to do it because it can be done. That is great, but your actively seeking peoples input and or funds, you need to make the plan as clear as possible so as to avoid potential questions in the future.

I would have to consult @lothendriel but I don’t see why coloredcoin.io couldn’t buy some for resale if/when you get a definitive plan together so that we have a way to describe to customers.


i will Update up the OP as the idea has evolved and attempt to clean up this thread into something half official but i am not well versed in thread moderation of many sorts.
EDIT: i will not delete ANY other members posts, even if for sake of thread cleaning haha.


Wouldn’t expect you to delete any posts, even your own. Make some edits to the OP, if you need some help rewriting it, feel free to ask.


well crap i deleted alot of my brainstorming/forming the idea posts in this thread for sake of cleaning it up like i said i dont really know what im doing with moderation of any sort lol. maybe ill try replace a few idk if one can even do that omg what a mess :lol.


Its all good. Your doing something you haven’t done before, your doing fine, just keep on keeping on.


I can restore those posts if you want.


I have updated the OP to include the ideas that are about settled. you can clean it up as you see fit dont worry about my posts i deleted, i THINK i clarified the op more and will be adding/edditing a few for a bit of visual of the idea


actually @Daffy If you wanted to restore all my old posts i am going to consider this a “beta idea thread” and maybe make a new thread with offical announcment for the sake of a nice clean announcement thread, that i will do up for relase tonight. is that a ok idea ya think?


I have edited the OP for official announcment and it can be found at EMC - Eobot Mining Coin (SCAM - CjMapope ran with the money)
I will consider it the official thread and ask all to continue this over there :slight_smile:


Should I lock this one?


Please :slight_smile:


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