I need help deciding


Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 1968 with 375 hp Turbo-Jet and manual 4-Speed Transmission

Damage: 37.000€

Do you guys think it’s worth the money (considering how rare these are in Europe)?

Does anyone of you guys have experience with Chevelles? I only know Mustangs, are they as reliable and easy to obtain parts and manuals for?

I am seriously tempted by this, a V8 musclecar is all that is lacking in my carpark so far.


That is some seriously old-school beautiful muscle.


You sure you don’t want a Prius?


Well, I want a car that is economically and ecologically viable, so an oldtimer is a much better choice than that Prius, which uses toxic components and burns tons of fuel in order to get all the parts from all over the world transported to the plant in order to make one and which is obsolete after 10 years.


Fastbacks are pretty rare… BUY IT !!!


That is a beauty!! If I had the mula; I’d buy it.


Nice ride. If it’s being sold as a true “SS”, then make sure you check the VIN and verify it.

A real SS will pull a higher price than a clone. And there’s more clones out there than real SS’s.


I have pictures of the VIN: the plaque looks like the real thing, hexagonal rivets etc, although that can be faked too. The VIN points to a genuine SS-model.

I am aware lots of them get faked, on the other hand, I don’t have a huge choice of Chevelles here in Europe (at the moment, 3 are on sale in a radius of 3000 km), so I would even accept a nice clone ;), at a fair price.


Due you have to comply with emissions testing where you are?
Some places make it impossible to own these classics because of their strict standards.


That’s cool. I just thought I’d point that out in case you didn’t know (no sense in paying a premium for a non-SS).

A good clone can be really nice too…and save you some dough. Good luck on your search. Again, if this one checks out, it looks like a beauty.


Like everyone said, check the VIN and see what you can find on it. See what matches with the car now, paint, accessories, engine, etc. No need to pay the original premium charge if it’s not. The car is a beauty. Buy it.

My first car was a 68 Mustang. It was clean. Nothing fancy. Auto/289. Stepdad restored a lot of it, but then divorced right before rebuilding the engine. Had to rebuild the engine with my grandpa’s help through my Junior to Senior summer in high school. Learned a lot about cars and life that summer.

Here’s one that looks exactly like what I had.


Buy it!


test drive arranged for the weekend!


Thats a sweet ride…you will probably always be able to get your money back out of that car

Classic industries in Southern California has a HUGE catalog for GM muscle cars…I don’t know if they ship to Europe …I bet they do




I would definitely get a private mechanic to look this over, because from the appearances of that engine, it is not 100% original.


The conversion for classic cars, in price, has been 1 € per USD in value in the U.S.

By the looks of the current market prices here that car should go for at the most the 37.000 €

Are you including VAT in that price?


Thanks for those links @DirtFighter and @Allen1980s, very useful for me! I have spoken to the owner, he said the block was genuine, but airfilter and some other light mods were applied.

I will take a mechanic friend with me to check. I have a suspicion that it might not be an original SS, but a clone (rivets look new on the VIN plate after close inspection of photo). If it is a clone, I will try to get it for under 30.000€, if it is an original, the price asked is about right methinks.

The problem is that the choice over here is VERY limited, and I am not interested in a 1967 or '69 model. The 1968 one is what revs my engine, plus the fact that they are quite rare with manual transmission.


You need to come to the States for a week. You’d lose yourself at a Barrett-Jackson Auction.


The dice have been cast. In the last 4 weeks during which I was trying to get a V8, at least 5 people tried to sell me trash, and 4 lied to me about the history and condition of the cars they were selling.

The Chevelle owner tried to sell me a clone and did not admit it when I pointed out that the VIN was a fake and did not want to lower the price, so the deal fell through.

As Fortune has it, I received a call from a Simca-club friend who told me that one fo my dreamcars of all time was up for sale at a good price and in pristine condition, as well as the colour I always wanted (something I had given up on searching for, as all the good ones were in firm ownership and I did not want to have the hassle of restoring a lemon.

So without further ado, I present to you Jean-Pierre Beltoise’s brainchild: my almost brandnew Talbot Matra Murena 2.2 from 1982:

Now summer may come, I just need to grow me some sideburns and I will be ready to accomodate two slim ladies on the seats next to me, to celebrate the lingering 70’s spirit and 80’s bold style.


deeneendo after getting “ready” to cruise his new car :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congratz on the dream car…its awesome to finally own a car you have always wanted!