I never gave permission to Hashtalk.ch or Terrorists or Muggles t


I never gave permission to Hashtalk.ch or Terrorists or Muggles to sell my personal information!!!

Third Party Disclosure
Do we disclose the information we collect to Third Parties?
We sell,trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your name, any form or online contact identifier email, name of chat account etc., screen name or user names personally identifiable information.

I never gave this permission!

A short muggle starting with the online handle josg21 to, allegedly, ■■■■■ about boob jobs (plastic surgeons) and poor service Mr Homero Garza has since changed to the handle GAWCEO. A while later after tainting the handle GAWCEO a change was made to MrCEO and minerorigin which exist in parallel. In order to, allegedly, attempt confusion over his real name Homero Joshua Garza uses his middle name and mixes up aliases so he is commonly known as Josh Garza or Joshua Garza. On several patents held with Mr. Stuart Fraser Vice Chairman of Cantor Fitzgerald, Garza uses H. Joshua Garza as opposed to H. Josh Garza. Various internet Trolls and FUDsters refer to him as Homero Garza or Homero Josh Garza or just Mr. Scam Muggle. Mr Garza, allegedly, started his entrepreneurship with Optima Computers LLC in Brattleborough Vermont (VT) where he then branched out into the, alleged, oversubscription of Broadband service with his company Great Awk Wireless also called GAW High Speed Internet and shortened to GAW HSI. Having claimed to make millions with this service or sale of the company or something, Mr Garza then went on to the cryptocurrency industry where he, allegedly, applied the same oversubscription techniques to ASIC Mining with his platforms ZenMiner and ZenCloud selling virtual products called the Hashlet and Hashtaker. Sometimes referred to as CashLets, CashTakers and Ponsi’s. Through the purported success of said platforms under a conglomerate of companies called Geniuses at Work or GAW for short Mr Garza, allegedly, moved on from GAW Miners LLC to a new company which should have provided a clean slate. Business Technology for Cryptocurrency LLC or BTC LLC for short which matches the domain name BTC.com puportedly purchased for 1.1 Million USD, was born. This company launched several platforms such as PayBase at Paybase.com and paycoin known as XPY. The PayBase platform allegedly destroyed the products PayFlash (gyft) PaySave (zincsave) as well as others. The Paycoin “Currency” allegedly destroyed the concepts of HybridFlex, FundSafe, Huh. After much public scrutiny Mr Homero Joshua Garza married to Jessica Garza then set out to not own the platforms Coinstand at coinstand.com (which used an, allegedly, embezzled codebase called zincsave to purchase from Amazon violating the ToS) and mineral at mineral.com (which used an, allegedly, embezzled codebase called coin-swap). These new ventures were purportedly related to Hong-Kong, hong kong, while rumor persists of Dubai being the real location.

There once was a muggle from nantucket who wanted to go to the World Cup 2014, he was flying on Malaysian Airlines and researching Robin Williams on his iPhone 6. at one point during the trip he played Flappy Bird. The traveler did not know what رمضان‎ or رامز قرش البحر‎ meant though he knew they were important.

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From a person who was as bad as GARZA


you? :smiley:


Remember I was banned well before most, I called this in september. I think you may have even banned me once or twice


First time you were banned was when you tried to fix the Mod election / poll in our favour by spamming all across the forum. That was well funny.

@miaviator, lol at the ToS. Nobody signs up to a forum with their real name anyway and if you use your primary email address to do so it’s your fault anyway… Mr FallGuy :stuck_out_tongue: