I own a gun, I don't (forked)


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This crosses a line on far too many levels. I’d not only be reporting them but I’d be carrying my firearm with me everywhere for protection.

[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud

I’m definitely carrying mine with me everywhere these days! :wink:

(Yeah Texas!)


I live in Spain, I don’t need a gun :slight_smile:


Cyber, Franco has been dead for years! Of course you do not need one. :wink:


I live in Texas and the problem with carrying a gun is you can be fairly certain the other person has a gun too. I believe they issue you one when you get your drivers license. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In July, you’ll even be able to conceal carry without a permit. Of course, we can already open carry if desired…


I am still completely lost on the fact that people besides police etc carry guns.
We dont do it here
Im flat out carrying a phone keys wallet etc.


I googled gun control second amendment bla bla to see what I could find. I found an aussie who explained it very well. Hope you laugh too.


If you don’t have a gun, the king of England could come and push you around whenever he wanted. Do you want that? Huh? Huh?


We have a Queen, the travel time is too long they will be tired on arrival


Is it this Queen?

Or this one?


Both champions. Lol


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I’m in Cali, and I do the same. Most states have reciprocity with CA, so my CCW is valid many places. I have one on me, and in each car at all times.


Sadly my carry license was too easy to get here in Indiana so it’s not valid anywhere else for the most part. The upside is, it was super easy to get and never expires.

I highly recommend the MaxPedition CCW bag here:


Good recommendation! I like it. Do they take XPY?


Nobody takes that garbage.


But… It’s the fastest growing currency in the world!!!


“Land of the free” … more like “land of the scared”, eh? :wink: But who knows … if I had to live in the US, maybe I would feel the need to be armed at all times too.


25,000 new customers a day will do that.