I sure hate seeing this now while shopping on line


Amazon collecting taxes… Ugh,


Yep. We got a distribution center by my house and started paying ales tax two years ago. Only upside is I can get same day delivery on most everything.


Don’t really see a problem with this. In Europe this is standard for consumers and usually we don’t see the without tax number anywhere. It’s the cost of doing business I guess.


Yeah. Happened to me last year with the addition of a distribution center in the state. Not really a big deal, but it took some getting used to. On the plus side, packages get delivered faster from closer most of the time since they built the distribution center.


I have the same with pretty much everything I order to my Spanish address even for my Yootheme subscription for wordpress themes. I don’t pay the tax if I’m able to use my Gibraltar address as shipping address which mostly only works for online stuff. :frowning:


So. Much. Tax.

Starve the beast! Avoid tax whenever and wherever possible, else you only encourage the greedy b******s to steal more lol


At almost 20% VAT we have it nice here by comparison. That being the U.S.


Agreed. I cannot imagine how frustrating it can be to have to pay 20% on just about everything after paying payroll taxes to begin with.


$1.21 on a $16 purchase? That’s a bargain!!! Come to Spain :slight_smile:

Yeah I love paying tax on taxed money that gets taxed again and again and again down the line. Makes perfect sense.


Come to Australia they will show you how to tax, that is unless you have lots of money, we tax the normal to give tax breaks for you to buy many houses.


What was really interesting about Amazon and taxes was the realization that supporting internet sales tax in the US was a real competitive advantage. Amazon initially fought this until they realized with the size and computing brain power they employ that they were able to hedge against future competition by raising the barriers of entry for selling online.



fairtax.org http://fairtax.org/

for those of us in the US


Its a brilliant plan. Hope to see this in my lifetime.


Heres the deal…Complain about taxes…yet vote for the same douches for 20 years…how does that even work out?


Or, stop voting with 18, don’t pay taxes and avoid online orders that try to tax you.

Works like a charm :slight_smile:


It’s a moral and ethical duty to avoid paying tax when ever you can, in the opinion of this humble “libertarian” :slight_smile:


It depends what they are used for and how transparent their use is. In my little Pueblo Blanco here in Andalusia the communal taxes are perfectly fine by me. I know and can see what those are being used for and for me something like a communal or community tax to maintain your own environment is acceptable.

I’m having issues with paying taxes for things that don’t concern me, which I don’t use, don’t participate in or are just taxing already taxed money again only to tax it yet again. Stuff like that gives me diarrhea so I try to avoid it.


A small community payment, as long as it’s voluntary, wouldn’t be an issue in my book. The moment it becomes compulsory it becomes theft though, and I can’t justify that. I’ve got enough faith in humanity to believe that a community can band together and choose to live by certain standards and can manage their resources adequately enough to create the environment they want to live in, without money being taken by threat of force. In fact, I’d be more likely to pay in a situation like that :slight_smile:


mmhmm “threat of force”… we don’t get much of that over here. Here you have a coppa de vino with the town Copper down at the square while watching the old lads sitting on the benches chatting away and the ladies doing their morning grocery shopping. The you have a small group of tourists go “uhhh ohhh ahh” walking through the village and the guys riding through town on their horses with the rabbits over their saddle and the hunting rifle on their shoulder.

The “communal” thing is very communal in Andalusia. Look up Blas Infante :wink: