I want this car!



Where is the down vote button!
Seen that one a few times by now :smile:


its less scary with the sound off at work :smile:


Not sure what you mean?? I think that car is a beauty and anything but scary. I agree though, the music is pretty zzzZZZzz


The car is pretty sweet. Does it come in any other colors?


Not sure but the sport edition rocks the :boat: :slight_smile:


It sort of reminds me of a Volvo town car from 1990. That must have been classy for 20 years ago :smile:




Nice, can you drive that thing actually on the roads? I mean legally?


I Like that one!! :smile:


This video has scarred me so badly I can tell that treeline is no good from a mile away


Its a show truck, so im betting it has special permits.


HI @taylan :wave: :slight_smile:

Makes sense. Imagine that thing on the Highway. It would cause 100 accidents from people getting distracted from it .


If they look up from texting or facebook long enough see it go by. Drivers in the U.S. are full of fail these days.

Case in point 1 http://youtu.be/g1gaJSoyqFw
Case in point 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAlSskuIWHE


Not just in the US. They never been any different here in Spain and that was already as it is now way before Facebook and co. It’s the only country I know where people stop their cars in 2 lanes inside the round-about to pickup their kids from school because walking 20 meters is to much to ask and the Police doesn’t really do anything about it because “it is what it is”. It’s also the only place I know where they drive their :bicyclist: on the Highway. In Germany that’s illegal for obvious reasons.