I want to invest in gh cloud


But the setup seems confusing in that salt thingie

Is there a manual for the dumb and ignorant?


There is a @Daffy he is better than any manual


@lothendriel @InsaneMiner Where is the manual?


You don’t need to worry about it to be honest. Create an account on Prism and that’s all you need. As long as you use a coloredcoin aware wallet you’re good to go. I only use the cloud interface to check on payouts and view @Daffy 's nice graphs.


I had the video part and I was told there was no need for video yet :stuck_out_tongue:


The simplest way to get involved in GHX without worrying about GHCloud, is to get an account at coinprism and use their hosted wallet as your asset wallet. That being said, don’t stop there! Read up, ask questions, and learn about GHCloud so you can handle your own assets safely and securely without relying on a hosted wallet like coinprism :smiley: