If you're a miner... you want to know about this



At efficiencies like Valery is touting for his new 16nm process chips, things are going to be turmoil for quite some time on the mining front. Of course, they may never appear, but we can’t really say BitFury hasn’t got the technical capabilities to produce this kind of tech, in volume. If you think diffs are bad now… well, we ain’t seen nothing yet it seems.

I bought three Avalon 6’s not too long ago, and after having trouble keeping them cool enough to run at full speed, sold them off… and looking at the landscape now, it looks like the ‘wait and see’ game might be the best thing going right now, unless you are a whiz at turning equipment around quickly.

I swear if there was any PoS coin that didn’t lose value as fast or faster than it spit out coins, I’d be doing that right now and waiting to see how the ASIC landscape plays out in the next few months.

My guesses are that the halving will be a huge boost in BTC value making all of you guys mining right now for those .01 payouts everyday very happy you kept at it.


Buying the newest hardware is the worst way to spend your money with the diff climbing like it is. Your better off looking for the hardware with the lowest ROI time based on $ or BTC/GHS and cost to run it.
If your in BTC for the long haul you can also do the math for whatever hardware you are running and see if its cheaper to buy BTC directly or use your power company as the supplier.

Crypto mining is not something you want to keep reinvesting in without looking at the #s. You don’t need to “keep up with the joneses” there are plenty more btc yet to be mined directly or through investment in cpu/gpu or scrypt asics.
DMT will likely be slowing down or pausing reinvestment for the foreseeable future, no need to invest in GHS now when I can wait for the top of the next bull run and get more bang for the buck plus the benefit of another round of stagnant or negative diff growth.

As for POS, there are a few that have not dropped like the rest with the increase in BTC/USD and whatever caused the massive sell off of most POS coins. I have looked at the charts for a few alts with some being POS and I believe that some coins like NXT/BLK/BTCD/etc just might be finding a bottom. My suggestion would be to look at the USD value of the coins rather than BTC, those that have held strong with the BTC increase are the ones to consider investing in.


About PoS, DMD Diamond and CLAM are doing just fine during the last couple of months. True, both lost some value but the decline s stopped and it seems things are improving. Also, DMD Diamond s gonna hit its own stake rate halving within a month which means less supply on the market.