I'm a sucker for quality faucets


So far the best “faucet” I’ve found is https://www.freebtcminer.com/referrals/new/3242 (yes its a referral link, if you don’t want to use a referral link just visit the regular domain in the url).

This is literally a mining game where you actually mine and process rocks that you mine. I appreciate people who put a little more effort into a faucet than simply “click this ad to get 3 satoshi”.


First “faucet” that actually has strategy and tradeoffs to take into consideration. With the deeper you go the more valuable the ore but you must make it back to the surface with your jetpack or you lose what you mined. Plus, don’t forget to keep your “forge” filled so that it can double every 20 hours or so. Remember not to fall further than 4 blocks when you are descending. Try to use rocks or unmined blocks as your areas to break your fall instead of buying platforms.

I’ve also found that the deeper you go, the amount you actually mine is worth more than a “rescue refill of rocket fuel” so it actually can work out to your benefit to mine deeper and then “fail” to reach the surface and pay the 100 satoshi to get a refill of fuel.


Looks cool so far, but does yours freeze up after you sell the ore?


Nope works fine for me on Chrome


Ok was using Firefox. Chrome seems ok. :slight_smile:


I like this. Thanks @wpstudio :slight_smile: FarmSatoshi is like this too with different level ups and options


What are the arrows in the upper right? *Edit- Figured that out.
Can you increase your foundry holdings and also cart/mining 0/1 limits?
Has anyone tried watching the vids section for extra bits, I can’t get them to work?


Whoever thought this up is a genius :smile:
They easily get +20x the add revenue of other faucets and its purposefully difficult to go much deeper than 30 levels without some effort.

Brilliant :+1: