I'm going drinking


…so let me know WHEN LTCGear pays out tonight. :wink:


Haha :+1:


Just don’t stop then you will forget you ever had LTC Gear :beers:
EDIT: Remember to drink responsibly, and don’t drink and post


Ha, 20 years ago I would have tried to do it. Tonight was 2 beers and then coming home to family. It was good to get out with my neighbor and talk about manly ■■■■ like American football and listen to great Irish music.


I may or may not have poured a bit of bourbon when I got home (and safe). I live 2 hours from Kentucky and get great bourbon.


you have to be over the moon with the Colts on Sunday. Hopefully it is a good game! At least I can look forward to John Fox coaching the Bears.


Funny mark


@gpatt, hopefully the Colts team from last Sunday shows up as they looked sharp and fully functioning. They just have terrible luck against the Pats in Foxboro.

My neighbor and good friend is Irsay’s pilot so if they win the Super Bowl he gets a ring. THAT would be cool.


BY “Irish Music” you mean the repeated Notre Dame Fight Song?


Nope, it was a real band playing Irish folk music. I even heard “Whiskey in the Jar” non-Metallica version.


I love Irish music and Irish Pubs. I lived in Dublin for a year a good 10 years ago and just loved it


Sadly the pub itself was located in the US and a chain, but it wasn’t half bad for drinking. Food is meh so I didn’t eat there.


Never mind the food. As long as the Guinness or the Kilkenny is fresh and cold, all is good. :slight_smile:


Very true. Beer was good, company was good, music was great.


I had 10 beers Im good for now.


here a beer :beer: for you