Industrial Designer


Hello GetHashing!

Industrial Designer here. My skill set includes:

-Product Design and Development
-Package and Display Design
-3D Modeling and Photorealistic Rendering
-3D Printing and Prototyping

I am in the process of working on an official website as we speak, but I will provide a link to my portfolio for reference.

I love what I do, I just happen to get paid to do it. I can provide assistance at any point of your project. Take a look at my work and if I can be of help to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

And I 100% will work for crypto, I actually prefer it!

Need a 3D printer or Printing service (the arm project)

May I ask which applications you’re using for modelling? 3d-studio max?

Are you familiar with mesh-design and creating sculp-maps??


I use Solidworks and Form Z. I have a little experience in 3D Max, but just enough to get done what I need to get done (usually rebuilding a point cloud or mesh from a 3D scan to convert to a solid. Was more proficient in the past but chose to specialize in Solidworks). It is not my program of choice.

I am familiar with mesh design, but I am in no means a pro, more like I just dabble a little bit. My expertise is in solid, parametric modeling. I have never heard of a sculp-map. Texture mapping, absolutely.

Character modeling and animation is out of my wheel house.

Edit: Sculp-maps: Second Life, correct? Just looked it up. Never did that before.


This is good to know as we have been discussing a few ideas lately that require the skills of your nature…

your details have been saved :smiley:


I :eyes: ed at the website you posted a link to. Looks really good. I might have something for you to do as well. Have you done any 3D animation work? :slight_smile:

edit: Saw the SD case you designed for GH. Really nice. :smiley:


Unfortunately, 3D animation is not in my wheel house. I do product animations to demonstrate design functionality, as well as fly throughs of human scale spaces.

The wallet is definitely a work in progress. Have a couple of more ideas in the hopper, finding more unique ways to interact, fold, twist and hide features in the design. Focusing now on tweaking my printer settings to get a readable QR code. It is proving to be quite the challenge, but progress is being made which is always a good thing. Those pesky BTC addresses cause a lot of noise in the QR codes which equates to very fine details…just gotta tickle the machine till she spits out an accurate code!


Buddy of mine took over the avatar animation dance animation market in SecondLife in 2009. He bought himself a motion capture animation set (at first a pretty small, home one) and build an entire brand around it. Today he hires dancer and actors to capture his animations.

The brand trailer from 2009

Another buddy of mine developed the AO HUD


My step daughter in law is a 3D designer for Elite:Dangerous.

I used to love using MAX but that was a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue:


This is pretty sweet I do have to say. Very creative. That is just a low poly figure with the texture map wrapping, correct? Great way to get nice detail in a low memory file. Does SecondLife happen to work with HDRI maps? Those really enhance realism and reflections without needing a processor to calculate every ray and reflection on the whole model. Pretty cool stuff.

It is my pesky day job and freelance that keeps me from exploring down this path for computer modeling and animation. Well, the animation is an art in itself, so I don’t want to detract from them and say it is easy, cause it sure as hell isn’t. But I can take my modeling skills down this path, open more opportunities. Once the freelance work takes over my day job, I can quit that and focus on expanding my offerings more.


I remember reading that from you here on the forum, can’t remember the post. But that is pretty badass. 3D design is theraputic for me and there is always something to learn. I spend the first 30-60 minutes of my work day working through a new tutorial or feature in the software I use. I aim to be a master in my software craft, but that takes a lot of hours and many frustrations…but worth it.

Ya, 3D Max is a super powerful program. For Industrial Design it was good for free form modeling, but when it came down to accurately modeling a design to scale and tolerance, life became difficult…step in Solidworks. I would like to get back into 3D Max when I get some more time, it renders like a beast and has a ton of great plugins for it. Soon™ Ha!


Just before I stopped using max one of its most powerful features became available… drag and drop textures onto your models… ah happy days!! LOL

POSER was a natural partner to max as well as, at the time, the inbuilt character studio was lame.

Not sure what happened to all those cool products… Bryce was another fave… man that seems like a whole lifetime ago!!


Definitely messed with POSER. Would create characters to use as scale in my renderings. Very easy program to use. I was going to get back into it soon as I have found a market for 3D printed characters for model railroaders. They are VERY passionate about their craft and detail is of paramount importance to them. And POSER would aid this process.

I don’t remember Bryce per se, but I do remember its existence. I am more on the industrial design spectrum of the modeling, I was and still dabble with Rhino…NURBs modeling. The just released a beta for the Mac, so I jumped on that and have been slowly exploring again.

And even just a few years ago, you really (well you still do) had to be a master of the program. So many settings and very minute changes made a big difference. Now more and more of those features are being automated to make the process quicker and simpler. When I was in school, when someone in my group came up with a new rendering recipe, we would share and build upon it. Lighting, shadows, reflections, rays, materials and textures…many variables to deal with…but that is what makes it fun!


Also, the sheer power available in our computers these days!

I remember running it all on a dual chip PIII 550Mhz with a Hercules GFX card iirc… and at the time that was monster!! and it still tooks days to render a few seconds of animation LOL

MY friend still has a Bryce (which was that stunning 3D landscape designer) file that we used to drop in on BRyce installs as the PC’s got faster and faster…it went from a 7 days to render to under an hours in a few short years… I wonder what it would be like now!


I haven’t checked out SL in years but both of my buddies have maintained their SL brands over the years. One of them told me a few weeks ago that SL added support for meshed characters a while ago and I believe motion captured animations and 3d modelled creations have pretty much become the norm. As far as I know LindenLabs is working on SL2 which is going to be build on a different engine with native RIFT support and I would guess a newer physics engine. Apparently they will maintain the original SL as well.