Infrastructure Discussion - Whats needed, good, bad and solutions


Getting the whole digital currency revolution off the ground takes more than a few geeks mining a coin, making a noise about it to their families and hoping “market value” gains enough gravity to change the world.

To make these dreams a reality, we need the hardware, the knowledge and understanding in place at a merchant and their staff level as well as a user level…

So, BTM’s are great on ramps for acquisition therefore merchants in the area of it should be encouraged to exploit its proximity and become acceptors of BTC.

Do people here have any ideas for pushing out crypto to the masses?


Bankrupt the economy to the point where a loaf of bread costs more “money” than you can carry in a large burlap sack.



^^^^ If that’s true then our U.S. politicians must be heavy supporters of crypto because they’re doing this as we speak. LOL

Guerrilla marketing worked a few times for Bitcoin. I heard of air drops of paper wallets with like $5-$10 of BTC on them. Give away free stuff and it gets peoples attention.

I also think the Morgan Spurlock ‘Inside Man’ thing was great. Maybe if more people with notoriety could be educated on the concept and then used to get the word out it’d be great. Imagine a commercial with Peyton Manning paying for a Papa John’s pizza with Bitcoin from a paper wallet.


I’m working on one or two locally, as you know :smile:

One of the problems I encountered when considering this is “why would anyone use it”.

It took me a long time to find a potential solution. However, the success or failure of said solution, once implemented, depends on whether my assertion that the BTC community wants bitcoin accepted as a currency and is willing to spend it and use it.

If not, back to the drawing board :slight_smile:


Do you think that maybe some don’t want it to go mainstream?


I’m concerned that there may be too many people holding hoping to become multimillionaires over night and that the number of people willing to actually spend it may not be enough to push forward adoption.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong :slight_smile:


BTC or any crypto will not become main stream due to all the scams, I am pretty much over it all, It amazes me that with the amount of rip offs that BTC is even worth $1.


This news story about PayPal, Visa and Mastercard preventing Mega from processing payments shows a huge area where Bitcoin can have at least a short-term use. The problem is, of course, that people need to easily be able to pay using Bitcoin without having to go to scary exchanges etc.



And this is where I believe that, with smart offerings such as software, education and environments, we can make the process of on-boarding easier, simpler and far less ‘scary’.

This is where BTM’s can aid the process but its critical they are simple to use, informative without overload and can engage people in the process so that they’re not frightened off for future re-use. But it’s also about more than just acquisition…

All the above is far easier to type than it is to make happen and create, but that’s the challenge and actually all of the fun. Crack this little conundrum and you have a good start.

This I disagree with. Digital Currency and blockchain tech is here to stay and it has a very bright future ahead of it. The biggest issues it suffers right now are a complete lack of understanding of its powers, uses, benefits and capabilities. We are only just beginning on this exciting journey. Sure BTC may not survive the long haul, but that “end” will be many years away. It’s going to remain a reference standard for some time to come and anything that follow will certainly have its roots in BTC in some way.

Blockchain tech will underpin many of the data systems of future, in fact I believe, at some point, there will be a race to use them by organisations that want to show their transparency and operations.

But interesting times ahead for sure


Pretty much this, combined with the power of the financial sector as a whole would crush anything that remotely threatens the status quo…The only reason they haven’t crushed it already is digital currencies as a whole are only understood and circulated through a very small portion of the population.

Trying to get blockchain tech integrated to work with other processes outside of a currency is another story :smile:


I think you have a point in a way. Blockchain tech will greatly reduce fees causing people whom are accustomed to five Lamborghinis in the grage and two summer homes to not be able to net as much money as before. But if the regular folk excised enough passion for change then I think realities of blockchain tech could be realized and utilized widely


I’m back from having a shattered tooth filled in and ready to resume my posting from earlier, as there’s a lot more thoughts I want to share.

Scroll down quickly, now, if you don’t want a wall of text.


One of the major issues that could restrict adoption is perception. I speak to a lot of people about crypto, because I’ma bit of a nerd. Of those few that have heard of it only a handful have actually heard anything about it. of those, many still immediately think “silk road”.

This is a major problem. We need to change the overall public perception for the better. Of course, I’m not just saying “we need to” and not doing anything about it. In the coming weeks a small charity, local to me, will begin accepting Bitcoin donations. I hope when that deal is finalised I might be able to sweet talk a few of you into throwing a bit of dust into their wallet.

Beyond that, and as per a discussion I had last night and over the last few days, from now on, all local charities will be approached and if willing, educated about the benefits and signed up to start receiving donations that way, at no cost to them.

I’ll reap my rewards from the publicity and good will, because ity’ll sure make the job of onboarding local merchants a lot easier.


Why would ordinary Joe buy bitcoin? I’m not talking about someone who might want to use remittance services which are quicker and cheaper. I’m not talking about tech savvy computer geeks that want validation for their quirky new currency. I’m not talking about people who want to stick one to the government. I’m talking about ordinary Joe. because it’s ordinary joe who is “mainstream adoption”. Not the little quirky side groups that we already know can benefit from this tech.

In the end, the only reason I could find for ordinary Joe to have bitcoin is because they’ve been given it. As a gift, a tip, or, and here’s the kicker, as thanks for their creative effort. I’m working on ways to get bitcoin into the hands of ordinary local people. That way, when they’ve got it, they’ll look for ways to spend it.

There’s also the novelty factor, which a well placed BTM makes easier to indulge in. If someone has heard of but never actually used BTC and they happen to find there’s a BTM near them which is easy to use and gets the job done in minutes it may actually encourage the curious. And of course, what better place to put it than somewhere that accepts it as payment. Or donations.

There’s more to write, so I may edit this post with some more thoughts in a bit, but if the discussion has moved on I’ll just create another endless post further down :slight_smile:


You definitely have my support. What about also setting up said charities with cloud mining contracts through reputable places like HashNest so that they have a steady revenue stream?


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I have actually considered that idea, perhaps with it paying out to a multisig wallet so that anyone who donates can rest assured that the money is safe while it builds, before it’s spread out among the local charities. I’m also mulling over the idea of creating several POS wallets so that the stake can be split out among them as well, though that really is just spitballing at the moment and nothing has been done about it. Once the one I’m working on confirms the deal (board of trustee approval pending) then I’ll look more deeply in to it and tap you lot up for ideas for implementation :slight_smile:


Airdrops and giveaways are great ways to get exposure and when reasonably funded can be used to generate worthwhile interest.

An example is the Java Express cafe on the Isle of Man where they gave enough BTC for a coffee away and then of course encouraged people to go and spend it.

Prypto cards are also a great way to distribute small amounts of BTC, especially at the cash register environ.

When I first got the Coinkite handsets, we used them to create QR coded vouchers that had a small amount of BLK on it. Through the course of the weekend I gave away progressively more and more BLK per voucher until the last voucher was worth about £45… no small beans by any stretch.

Coinkite handsets are ATM’s in your pocket as well as Voucher makers and POS units. PRicey though but so powerful. I’m hoping the next gen of handhelds coming this year follow the theme but are much cheaper.