Inside View Mining Operation In China


3000+ miners
No electrical safety, dust everywhere, cheap workers, China way !


One way of keeping it profitable… for as long as nothing happens :slight_smile:


Considering the useful life of a bitcoin miner is 6 months or a year, it makes some sense to not overspend on carrier-grade IT infrastructure.


It’s a really good film, even though my professional side reels in horror :smiley:


Have you see the pile of fail power supply ?

3 Golden Rules with 24/7 systems

1- Good supply
2- Good temp
3- Clean and dust free enclosure

Dust is a major issue in their mining operation


Yeah but it’s never going to be dust free if you have extractor fans pulling air through the building directly from outdoors… Pretty sure that chickenwire mesh isn’t filtering much:smiley:

EDIT: Leaves maybe…


I like the part when the guy need to avoid ethernet cable to hit his face, safety first :cactus:


Intersting video. That’s mining transparency…


I was surfing the web for free energy.

I can’t see any details about price and $/KWh cost.
Google, Fedex, Ebay , Walmart already operate those …