Interesting article


Nice article, had some fun reading + the author made some accurate researchs to conclude an overall info of GAWMiners.

What are your opinions about it guys ?

My opinion toward GAWMiners took a second…third…hits with that line ; Buried within the terms of service is the line: “Selecting a Pool does not imply … mining at the selected Pool.”

Is the GAWMiners Honor program another kind of well elaborated Ponzi ?

( I’m glad to have sold my account 2-3 weeks ago )


My opinion is I feel like we would played in a Advocates playground and not a miners playground…I dont feel anymore confortable at all with all that happens now.

Why GAWMiners want to get all the coins back…Gosh they are almost as bad as a government that want to control their money back and gives shits back to people after…■■■■ off GAW, I saw a cat once.

Edit ; Since the coin is now PoS and not PoW, would you think GAW could make more coins by holding everyone coins while they, supposed, to give back the Paycoin to the people ?

The People’s money…or GAW’s money ?


That line was there since August. Amazing how many Hashlet owners didn’t pay attention to it or didn’t even know about it.


We would like to point out once more that this forum is not an excile for GAW customers nor do we wish to become one. GAW / Paybase has their own forum, we have ONE dedicated thread where the company can be discussed and there is more topics on BCtalk for those that can’t let go.