Investment in GHashing, et al.


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So, I have come into 6 BTC’s the last 24 hours after investing in a shaky operation. While many services like the one I was in have questionable motifs, my long term plan is to grow my coins, obviously.

I ask the community what they would recommend I place my coins? I heard GH is a great place! :smile:

What other services do you recommend?


A paper wallet, laminated, in a fire-proof box (or in a bank deposit box if you already have one - not worth getting one just for 6 BTC though).

I believe that is the best ROI at the moment. Invulnerable to shaky operations, scams, halvings, difficulty increases, hacks, and pretty much any other sub-category-5 disaster.


Etched metal will work as well (@mharter a little plug for you) >.<

@Suchmoon is correct, investing straight into BTC may be more beneficial than any “operation”. However, that is also dependent upon your view on how BTC will trend, will it go up? or will it go down? We have difficulty changes, the halvening, and a lot of internal argument/discussions occurring on the Dev side.


Yippy bitcoin will survive mankind…

All joking aside. Getting into the new hardware like the S7 and or the new spoondoolies (doubtfull you will find one) is not a bad investment for the long term.


Numbers are not looking good for those (won’t ROI before halving unless BTC goes up, in which case HODLing is still preferable). I’m having buyer’s remorse now for the few I bought because Bitmain is not shipping Batch 1 and already selling Batch 2/3, while difficulty keeps rising. We’ll see how it will fare on Hashnest but so far I’d be very reluctant to recommend it.


Hookers and blow? Not really, I would hold and wait for the usd value to come back, or invest it in metals. Hardware is looking a bit shaky to me. I can say GH is one of the better teams to go with if you want but times are lean in crypto for small time operations at the moment in my opinion.


Eh, proper hardware rotation, batch launches, and continual monitoring of pools as well as the hardware itself. And cutting expenses where possible will allow for survival through the ‘lean’ times.

The reality is, it’s a transition period. The whole fiasco the devs began, and the ‘attacks’ on the block chain(which IMHO is still the wrong word to be using) is causing FUD, which removes the buy pressure we all want to see. It’ll pass and improve.


I would have suggested Hashnest PACMiC but v3 is now sold out. I’ve resisted buying back into S5 even at the current low prices. Next expected difficulty increase means they’re actually probably overpriced…

EDIT: and @suchmoon has pointed out S7 is horribly overpriced.


EVERYTHING is horribly over priced when you take a step back and look at what’s to come.Bitmain is not the only manufacturer overcharging.


That is the reason for the phrase “at the moment” as in it can and will change as soon as the BTC “elite” pull their heads out of their collective rectums. :slight_smile:


To be fair on Bitmain I don’t think they’re overcharging. Products take money to develop and you have to sell them at a profit otherwise what’s the point… the issue is the current economics of BTC mining, or more precisely capital and energy costs versus return.


From my understanding so far, the reason there is an overcharge for services is due to the Halving next June? I can also assume the rapid increase in difficulty, ceteris paribus, may cause some loss making bitcoin too expensive to mine.

Correct me if I am wrong?


You are not incorrect. However, there are those which believe BTC won’t survive the halvening, and others that believe BTC will fly high as it did after the previous halvening.

For mining to remain profitable after the halvening, hardware will need to be next gen and BTC will need to rise, and how high is depended upon the difficulty.


In mining BTC there are a number of factors that play a role.

  1. BTC Value - This will effect daily returns
  2. Cost of hardware - This effects Capital Costs
  3. Power Costs - This will effect daily returns
  4. Coins Generated Per Block - This will effect daily returns
  5. Bitcoin Difficulty - This will effect daily returns

The benefit of buying power from GH is that you’re paying for the hashpower, the cost of the power covers your initial pricing, and we do the rest. Maintenance fees are pulled daily, payouts hit your own personal wallet which you control daily, and we’re transparent. And you also don’t have to worry about the heat, noise, or repairs of physical hardware. However, we can’t improve BTC’s Value, and when the halvening occurs, we plan to be in completely new and more efficient hardware.

This is why the crowd mining model is nice, the maintenance fees don’t pay the team, they cover the mining costs of power, repairs, servers, etc.

GH has had a ROI that looks to be around 1 year or so, and this isn’t because we’re gouging, but because this is the legitimate cost to start mining. It’s not a get rich quick game anymore, scrypt was the last one that was. Now it’s slow and tedious and takes contemplation and time. Timing is important in all industries. We would love to grow greater, but the downfall is, the fear of what can come at halvening, if we have new hardware, we can most likely survive and stay profitable, if we stick with S5’s we risk not being able to even participate anymore.


Thanks for the plug @nemesio! We’ll definitely etch some wallets.

Bring your own design, choose one of ours or ask us to create a fresh new design. Asset addresses work with GHCloud as well.


I’ll ask of you a better question to you because I watched your story develop on how you obtained (most of your monies) back :smile:
Where do you feel more comfortable placing your monies?
Hardware, software, services (cloud), and so on?
We could give you dozens and more will come in the following months as startups utilize crypto-funding.

A big thing with this community is discussing from either experience or example about projects you have a good understanding of, before you invest. It helps the investor and operator have a better relationship :slight_smile:


Honestly, right now my home wallet is the best and most optimal out of all current options.

Of course, I do think we are all aware of the parable of the talents.

The one thing that has intrigued me the most is the kind of people Bitcoin has attracted: geeks and scammer.

Geeks are cool. They are the ones demanding that the network be protected and all that plan on using the bitcoin protocol fully understand it.

Scammers: not so much.

Which is one reason why I joined. Lurking on the forum has shown me that many of the posters here are more interested in the “why” of things, not the “how much”. Everyone here seems to have some innate knowledge about unique and intriguing ways to make the community better. To share your experience and reasons with everyone.

I have learned my lesson so far. Now is the time for the discovery phase. I hope to pick your brain(s) in the near future.

Or as Leroy would say: “I know all about Bitcoins! You do Not. qUit liying!”

My next question is: how do I go about researching the PROPER way?

[Ponzi] PoS Coin Staking -

What do you want to know?


I want to know how to be my own best investment, to trade, evaluate, and strengthen cryptocurrency.

I want to be knowledgeable about coins, how they work, why they are valuable, and how I can help make a community much stronger. Starting with GHashing.

What can I do to make Ghashing stronger as a community? What resources should I have/know when engaging with crypto? I have the basics of blockchain, how to spot issues in the community, etc.

#20 is a cool site that explains all the basics of Bitcoin. Good to read to begin to better understand the inner workings and to differentiate between a scam and a good opportunity.