Investment Opportunities


The title says it all. Where are you people investing in now? I’ll aggregate them here.


I am investing on Hashnest it is still paying but only just however has an open market and I made some good money there


I know some people are affraid of this site, but I put a couple of BTC into cointellect, and all you need is to pay a contract with BTC to get verified, no need of credit card… I bought at the end of december 3X99Euro contract witch bring me around 8 Euro/day. It has been good so far but im not gonna invest again until I get all my BTC back. but its going well ATM. You can cash out directly in BTC trough Cryptopay (actualy in maintenance for 2-3 days) of Paypal or Doge…

If ever you want to try it, PM me and ill give you my referal link,

Important… If you dont get the 10days trial contract at 15Euro, your account will not be verified. and you will need a credit card to get your payout over 10Euro.

I would say get the 15Euro/10 days contract, it will ROI before the end or your 10 days and then you can solo mine or get more contract and you get verified without credit card…


Yeah I know the drill. I once pointed my miners there and only got 0.05 EUR/day because I was over the 1MH scrypt I guess. They really scam from miners pointing larger rigs there.


I got to say, I mine with 1 Videocard Radeon 6850 on this and get around 1.25Euro/Day with mining… I tried to put a rented rig on it and it didnt do that much difference with 90MH pushing in it… So I can see what you say,


Yeah it even goes so far that 5 gridseed on 5 different account all make 1.25EUR/Day EACH. Once you combine them you make only 1.25 for the 5 gridseeds on one account.


BUT as far as contract goes, It is stable so far… I wouldnt buy a longer contract more than 3 months (witch are the one i got) so If it goes down, im not in for a lot of money… But i still make around 10$US/Day with barely no investment (Aprox 300-350$US) for 3 months and no credit card to put in…


Ok I added it with a provision to not use CC.


i invested 1btc in and some btc in but just-dice is volatile because of the clam/btc ratio…


Not really investments are they? Those are just gambling sites.


i haven’t played, i just invested that’s the option that the sites are offering


Well is not active anymore site is gone.


i mean this site, maybe they rename it, they have an invest option


@reini You said not


its not an referral daffy, just copy paste

edit: i don’t want to sell anything here buddy


I know you don’t. Just following forum guidelines.

Edit: I have to read up on those investments I’ll check them out.


next option is if you have 1 mil $ like craig :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: you can invest in, hibaoo or so, they pay better than bitfinex…on btc interest, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m trying out


Anything we should know about this the site seems professional address is displayed prominently on the site. Norway cheap power and cooling is really not a problem there just open a door and it’s cool enough.

Edit: prices are similar to zencloud right now. Fees?


Fees appear to be included in the price. It’s a 5-year contract. I’m documenting my experience here for the community. :slight_smile: