IRC Chat Active!


#IRC is up and active!

#Come join us!


Awesome, see you there!


you should embed a KiwiIRC on the site.

I tried it on my site for fun and il look great and easy to use for those who dont have a IRC client.

Here is what it look like:

Just a tought, if you want to leave it as it is it’s all good!


Thanks for the suggestion and I think you’re right.

Let me look into adding custom pages to the forum and we’ll embed it asap.


You should add a tipbot whose fees get paid out to the GHX asset :slight_smile:


Hehe, I would like those tips. 1 GH / 0.1 GHX per tip isn’t bad :slight_smile:


I know, right! Okay, maybe that’s not feasible, but there could be a tipbot where the “hosting fees” are part of GHX payouts. I was always rather amazed at what tipbots could actually rake in from the jackpots and expired balances, and it always seemed a bit high for hosting costs.