Is Coinprism slow for everyone?


…or is it just me that often can’t login, or that finds coinprism taking a long time to load?


It’s been like it all day here. Forced me to set up a proper wallet at GetHashing instead :smile:


Yeah it’s been slow for the last few days.


We brokeded it XD


Glad I spotted this thread, was getting worried it was just me :slight_smile:


The block explorer of coinprism just died. No way to find any address in the explorer function. I hope they fix that soon.

Good thing the API is still working.


Well it seems they are doing some serious maintenance on coinprism the wallet is up and down. Hope they can fix the speed problems soon.


I’ll reach out to Flavien to get some infos.


I think coinprism is suffering from DDOS because it was working 30 minutes ago and now it’s down again.


Phew, so I am not the only one. Cannot log in to my Coinprism wallet, it says

An error occured, please try again later.

Edit: now I am in :slight_smile:


Works here