Is Paycoin Poker a Scam? Payment received


Well I tried, I won but have not received an email to confirm my withdrawal, until such time I get a response I suggest we all bypass this site


What’s your ticket# and how much are you trying to withdraw?
I might be able to put pressure for resolution :wink:


There is no ticket No as you have to email them, my user name is bubbamark and it is 40 XPY


Login to paycoinpoker. Is the withdraw pending?
*The operator said he approved your withdraw. Please check and let us know.


Hmm…That’s strange… I have made 2 withdrawals from them so far and all have worked… I was also a Beta tester for them and it worked well…/

I got lucky the other day and won the free roll tourney for 200 chips :smile:

My personal experience with them so far has been excellent


I’m at work at the moment so will check when I get home


There are no pending withdrawals. We actually saw your withdrawal this morning. We manually approve all withdrawals for security purposes. It clearly states that it can take 12 hours to process a withdrawal. (Part of the reason is that as we are in beta stilll we only have one person approved to approve withdraws and they need to sleep).

Your withdraw was processed at 10am This morning.


It says they send you an email but they do not.

Still, they do the withdrawal anyway, it’s just not instant.


Payment received