Just for fun, top 30 forum users by server load / requests




Now that’s what I’m talking about!

@AnimoEsto Is it possible to add a field for trust level here?
Then it would complete…
…Until one of us turns more neurotic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Like this? Obviously this doesn’t take “hash points” into account :slight_smile:


GHteam: https://forum.gethashing.com/badges/101/ghteam


Even better. Where did you find that?


Uhm… maybe you should ask @keymaster he should know :laughing:



atleast I’m ahead of CMILIAN :joy:


I was missing seeing Bitcoin_bar’s friendly face. Thanks…


I feel like I won because I am not on that list even though I lurk pretty regularly :smile:


According to those stats, my gf is probably right about me neglecting her…erm…time to buy flowers :slight_smile:


He got into the top 10 eventually I think as JG’s rep diminished and he opened up his doors to continue it. By then I think he banned over half of the top 30. I kept silent just to keep the account in there and to see what both and all the scammers posted.

Your welcome. I don’t think we’ll see his type of brilliance again to take in for a laugh :smile:.
We’ve seen BadBitcoin active though and it brings us hope to still be able to mock them.

Good idea and slip in the card that it was purchased with crypto :stuck_out_tongue:


Has it ever been determined if ViK is a guy or a girl?

[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud

Answered on the GAW thread where I think its more pertinent to discuss. :smile: