Kibo platform has anyone heard of this?

Kibo platform has anyone heard of this?
Seems like a lottery platform based off of ETH where you can run your own lotto.


I’ve seen the adverts anfd I’m very interested. As it happens I was explaining to a friend the night before i heard of that that I’m amazed it hasn’t been built yet, but that it probably soon will be, because it’s too obvious not to happen.


I very much like the idea on the surface.
I am curious why they need 27million for the ICO though. I hope some of it is used to ensure losses and the platform. Since ETH is getting attacked left and right with all sorts of scenarios.

I’ll probably buy tokens because I haven’t played ANY NEW gambling HYIPS in 6mo :smiley: so investing in a gambling platform makes sense :wink:

Whitepaper looks interesting. Gotta read more.