KnC Cloud UnOfficial Discussion


I just registered at KnC Cloud. Anyone have equipment there? @rootdude pointed it out to me.

Price is rather high $249 for 400GH but it is all inclusive fees maintenance etc… for a 6 month contract.


I might check this out however will do the sums vs bitcoin cloud services as they are inclusive of fees as well.
EDIT, bitcoin cloud services offer 400 GHS for around $180 for 1 year and it is exclusive of fees.


Well this sucks.

This product is currently not available in the territory specified. Please contact support for more info.

When filling in the shipping address. I don’t need shipping I wanted to buy cloud mining.


A quick comparison with Hashnest (AntS4):

400 GH/s * 0.00083 (current market price) = 0.332 BTC = 76 USD
185 days of maintenance at $0.001639 * 400 = 120USD

Total around $200 for 6 months plus you get to keep it if it’s still profitable after that, or redeem for a physical miner if you own 2000 GH/s.

Having said that, even Hashnest is unlikely to be profitable unless BTC exchange rate recovers in a major way, so I don’t get what KnC are trying to do here.


I would guess “make money” beyond what they are making from mining with the gear by themselves.


Yeah I find it high too. Especially when they claim to have free power from hydro plant nearby.


Yeah - why not. You can mine with it AND sell it to someone else a second time. Sounds like a moneymaker.


If it says KNC, I wont touch it with a 10 foot pole, trust issues for me.


Yeah I have my doubts too. Especially because there is no market to sell those contracts. No way to exit at this point.

Hmm too many red flags for me. The picture for one is a fake. Also can’t seem to find any mined blocks have not search thoroughly though.


Well they have paid everyday since August without missing once, but I suppose we can say that about LTC gear as well and then that went bad. The only difference is that Bitcoin cloud services have all there details on there site and you can talk to a CSO on the phone + they are a registered business in the UK.


So the blocks being mined are visible?


Nope they are like GAW they are magic ones produced by unicorns being ridden by pixies.


As i understood it right, they don’t serve eu citicens with they’re cloud service. I belive it is because of the european 30 days cash back law… :smiley:


What? Why even let me sign up then?


Idk buddy, maybe ask they’re support.

I personally belive they protect they’re selfs against charge backs. That’s why they don’t serve europeans.

Spoondolies & genesis Cloud mining

I just read their Terms. And on of them states I can not be in the EU. WTF

This is so stupid they are in the EU themselves. Oh well another company I will never deal with again even if I wanted a miner shipped.


Chapter 7.1!


Yeah I know I read it. Still don’t get it when they accept BTC payments no chargeback is even possible.


Yeah true but they act under eiropean right.

For exampel, i buy an t shirt at H&M. From european law i can bring the item back after 30 days, they must refund you! I belive that’s the problem


Well that sucks this is not goods that get delivered this is a contract.