La Zone GeeK


So here it is… My kick in the ass to work a bit on my site!! lolll By posting it here ill have to stop screwing around the web and give some love to my own piece of the internet… is my personal blog where I talk anything geeky, gadget and gizmos, I also talk crypto. I use to do 2 podcast so that was their home… Ill redo my podcast, tried to do my crypto one but has a camera problem… Oh and BTW it’s in french… Hope you like to visit and feel free to comment on what i can do better.

Thank you!


Nice, perhaps you could shares new blog posts with an excerpt in the future. it is always great to know what the blog article is about before heading there. We’re looking for to your updates :wink:


I will thank you… I am gonna work on it this weekend since I noticed some page not working and all that… Like I said, it need a little bit of love!!


Potcasts. yay!