Lego Lego Legos (needed at least 8 characters...grr)


Legos were a big part of my life growing up and I am still interested in them today. I actually have ambitions of working for them, but not sure about moving out of the country. Decisions, decisions. Anyway, I wanted to start a Lego thread where we can collect awesome builds and what no that we have found around the world, the internet or made ourselves.

I never had one of these fancy kits. My parents always bought me big boxes of blocks. I used to have two 55 gallon garbage cans filled with random Lego pieces. Talk about building creativity. I thank my parents everyday for their influence, as it is a big part of why I chose the design field.

Anyway, show me the cool stuff!


First! Ha! A functioning Lego record player…awesome!

These creations are just straight up impressive!



So true!

That thing is a beast!


I wish I had some pictures of my old lego “holdings”. Same as you I had a ton of them. Less than the guy in the pic @Dave_Wills shared but it was a lot. Had a ton of Playmobil stuff too.


Mate showed me this video the other day, I love the inventiveness of it all :slight_smile:


My Lego collection.


This is awesome! Love Rube Goldberg machines, there are always some awesome solutions.


Found this absolute gem of a Lego website…talk about creativity and ingenuity!


I have a 5’x3’x2’ plastic bin of legos I accumulating throughout my childhood in my parents attic.