Less than 0.001 of my investments are in crypto but


i spend all my time here rather than on everything else i own.

Every single portfolio needs a little crypto in it for true diversification. I would post this on boggleheads investing forum, but they would run me out of town.

So how much of your portfolio is in crypto?


Change that.


ehh i am bored with everything else.


Crypto is my portfolio, the rest is hidden cash and a little Finca here in Spain. I don’t trust banks, investment fonts or insurances. However, I plan to move some of the cash into gold this year cause I have a feeling that I’ll need it in a couple of years to trade it for bread and such.


do you think podemos has a shot to win like syriza in greece?
if greece and spain leave the euro, the currency has a good shot of dissolving away.

if everything i owned was denominated in euro, i would be concerned- BTC might be better than gold.
i hope you have been shorting the euro or buying dollars the last few months.


HaHa definitely not cause the whole mess with be initiated by crashing the dollar (and the euro). So no point in keeping either one of them.


i don’t think USD will fall if the Euro fails. USD will continue to rise during uncertainty.
people aren’t going to run to rubble’s or yuan instead of USD.

There is always Swiss francs.

so unless you think all fiat will die, USD seems to stand. GOLD is always nice, but in a deflationary environment price may drop there as well.

since you are on the ground in spain- how about podemos? are they happy with syriza so far? will they take a majority in spain?


Crypto is kinda my fun money. Real money is tied up in an IRA and money market account with a guy who knows much more than me aboot it all. Comparing the two, I profited aboot half what he pulled in last year (10% for me 20% for him). I would say I did well for just jumping in feet first, but it was mostly all luck getting in gaw early.